What makes a Physician Happy?

Many physicians in US are struggling because they have a high level of responsibility and less or no control over the outcome. There is no doubt that today’s healthcare environment saps physicians’ energy every single day. It is not always about getting paid on time. Dealing with sick patients all day long can also be emotionally draining. This profession is so demanding at times, that all other life priorities of physicians are pushed aside.

Increasing work pressure is resulting in a high rate of physician burnout.. To top it all, having to deal with various health plans, authorization procedures and referrals to get paid, takes the charm away from the profession for most of them.

Few Stress reducing factors

It is noteworthy that even though some providers are suffering due to financial and administrative challenges, others are performing well. They are content with their profession and delivering quality care. So, what is it that they are doing right?

Here are some of the factors that can make doctors happy, reduce their stress and encourage them to continue practicing medicine with all their heart.

Effective Work-Life Balance

Better practice management solutions and an efficient team of medical staff is something that can make a physician happy as it will help reduce their workload to a great extent. On an average, physicians spend 60 hours a week at work and are left with less or no time to concentrate on their life beyond medicine. According to a Physician Foundation 2014 Survey of America’s Physicians, 44% said that they are either planning to reduce their work hours and number of patients or leave the clinical role completely.

More Time for Patient Care

More time to interact with patients makes physicians happy because increase in paperwork and practice management concerns otherwise leave them with less time to spend with each patient. Patients also remain dissatisfied because they don’t get enough face time with their doctor.

Timely Payments

An efficient billing team makes physicians happy because they are assured that they will get paid for all rendered services. If medical billing is not handled properly, it can put a question mark on the existence of the practice. Physicians who choose to outsource billing tasks are also the happiest because they know a dedicated team of coders, billers and AR callers are working 24/7 to bring in maximum payment for them

Less Paperwork

Physicians are also happy when they don’t have to waste their time in unnecessary paperwork. This gives them sufficient time to concentrate on patient care and business development. By choosing a reputed EHR vendor, they can be relieved this stress to a greater extent.

Efficient, Well-trained Staff

A team of well-trained medical and front-desk staff can be a boon for physicians who struggle to monitor and balance all tasks on their own. Efficient front-desk staff will ensure streamlined appointments and better workflow whereas motivated medical staff will ensure top quality care, sharing physician’s burden of treating increasing number of patients.

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