The complexities and pressures of today’s healthcare environment have made stress management a necessity for physicians in the US. Considering the increase in workload, doctors are experiencing an imbalance in their personal and professional life. To sail through challenges, they are either selling their practice to a hospital or quitting the medical profession.

Industry Facts :

A survey by American College of Chest Physicians Sleep Institute states that most doctors sleep only for few hours than what is actually needed for optimum performance
On an average, face-to-face clinic visit doesn’t last more than 16 minutes as physicians increase number of patients to make ends meet
As reported by the American Medical News, changing desires of resident doctors such as, high salary and more free time are posing recruitment challenges for practices across the US

Challenges Caused by Work-life Imbalance

Work-related stress has increased the levels of anger, stress, burnout and frustration in many US physicians. Accountability has increased and autonomy, control and authority have decreased, affecting physician’s ability to manage effective patient care.

The inability to handle the stress has progressed into bouts of depression, suicidal tendencies and substance abuse in some physicians. This is not only affecting their life with family and friends but also deteriorating their performance and relationship with staff and patients.

How Can Physicians Sail Through the Stress?

In order to find a solution, it is extremely important to recognize the reason that is causing the stress. Is it personal or professional? In many cases, professional reasons cause stress in personal life of doctors. For instance, the inability to strike a balance between administrative and clinical tasks results in low reimbursement, security breaches, low productivity of staff and various other issues.

In order to get things straight, doctors end up spending a lot of time at work, managing, planning, monitoring various departments and attending as many patients as possible to make their ends meet. They get to spend less or no time at home with family or friends, which affects their performance at work.

Personal and professional lives of physicians are interconnected; therefore, it has become important for them to strike a work-life balance. It has been proved that doctors who lead a balanced life are not only more productive but also earn more.

How Can Outsourcing Help Create a Work-life Balance?

By outsourcing billing and coding tasks to a third party, physicians can free up their time to concentrate on patient care and family time at home. Billing companies like have a skilled team of coders and billers who are well-trained in handling billing requirements of 42 medical specialties. The team currently serves physicians across all the 50 states in the US, helping them strengthen the revenue cycle of their practice.

Some of the benefits of outsourcing billing needs to MBC are:

  • Timely, error-free claims submission
  • Usage of latest technology for billing and coding
  • Identifying problem areas in the revenue cycle
  • Providing revenue generation solutions
  • Compliance to HIPAA and other reforms

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