Bottlenecks not only interrupt the natural flow of patient care but also affect the pace at which a practice works. Providers cannot improve quality of care or enhance their financial performance if there is obstruction in patient flow. In order to eliminate bottlenecks, providers need to rank the order in which patients would be treated as this will help them make smarter staffing decisions, reduce stress and ensure greater efficiency in completing important tasks.

Industry research depicts

Under the Affordable Care Act, in 2014, another 32 million Americans are going to get covered under Medicaid which will create a patient influx at practices
As per the estimates by AAMC, there will be a shortage of 90000 physicians by 2020, making it difficult for hospitals and practices to balance patient flow and other administrative tasks

Factors causing bottlenecks at practices

  • Poor scheduling
  • Low staff productivity
  • Uneven distribution of work
  • Lack of primary care physicians
  • Lack of available ICU and Med/Surgical beds

Why eliminate bottlenecks?

  • Patient backlog increases delays, reducing chances of enhancing revenue and obtaining incentives
  • Excessive OR and ED waiting times
  • Stressed out doctors, overburdened staff, low productivity
  • More room for medical errors
  • Increased expenditure to eliminate patient backlog

How to eliminate bottlenecks?

  • Practices need to develop a patient process flow map to identify where the flow is slowed within the overall process of patient care
  • Create a list of stand-by patients who can be called at short notice for treatment
  • Ensure clinical area or the treatment room doesn’t become the reason for bottleneck
  • Work should be equally distributed amongst the clinical team to bring out high level of skill and expertise from them, reducing delays in patient care
  • Responsibilities for paper flow and clinical care should remain separate
  • Distribute some work to areas where bottlenecks are not caused
  • Enhance design and utility of medical offices to avoid any occurrence of bottlenecks

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