Let’s admit that there is a realistic limit to how many patients a doctor can see in a single day.  Additionally amidst the current physician shortage it becomes increasingly clear to physicians that patient volume’s above or below a limit may adversely affect the bottom line of the practice.

Industry Standards

American Medical Colleges Association projects roughly a 10-15% physician shortfall  (2015 to 2020)-
  • Shortage of 60,000 physicians by 2015
  • Shortage of 90,000 physicians by 2020
The most obvious difference between high-and average-performing practices is that high-performing practices have a highly-refined patient flow processes in place that enable their physicians to work much more efficiently.
For instance Industry experts state most eye care providers (ECPs) can meet a target of approximately 25 patient exams per eight hour day per doctor. However this could vary depending on various factors

Various practices sometimes due to physician shortages may over cross their patient limit - leading to reduced patient satisfaction.

Dissatisfied patients are likely to harm a practice as it would lead to a decline in future referrals from the right sources besides marring the practice's reputation. Moreover while combating attrition means replacing one patient with another; it does so at a high cost to the practice - eventually hindering the practice revenue.

When more than adequate patients affect a practice’s income adversely?

  • Seeing more patients requires harder work, creates more stress and an also result in poor quality care if not handled correctly
  • The extent of harm to a practice's revenue is actually proportional to the number of its scheduling inefficiencies while dealing with too many patients

These scheduling inefficiencies may include - late provider arrivals, overabundance of same-day appointments, excessive appointment durations, unmanaged no-show frequency, and inadequate planning for peak demand cycles –leading to unhappy patients.

Practice’s can make an organized approach to increase their patient volumes prudently…

The goal of any business, including a practice, is to increase income to its shareholders by selling more to every patient, hence few steps doctors can take to increase patient volumes strategically:

  • Analyze the time spent on additional aspects of the patient visit and try to alter them or delegate them.
  • Expand the current set-up by including more clinics or larger office.
  • Review the staffing needs to cater to more patients.
  • Attract new patients from the better performing payers hence helping strengthen practice finances.
  • Gain an understanding of the clinics patients, their reason for entering the practice, and if this is a desirable strategy for the practice’s stability.
  • Present the practice as the most desirable choice for consumers and referring physicians.

However amidst industry changes it is difficult for doctors to find time to streamline patient volumes in this manner along with concentrating on billing, patient care and other administrative activities.

Industry changes increasing patient flow volumes

  • Although the shortage started much earlier, the new law will make matters worse with physicians likely to retire early or reduce work hours in response to the new healthcare reforms
  • Specialties such as Primary Care are overloaded with work and are unable to attend to new patients
  • With the anticipated Medicare cuts various doctors may no longer accept new Medicare patients, which is already the trend with many doctors today

Physicians hence may find it imperative to get a specialized billing service to help improve patient volumes strategically.

Increasing patient numbers strategically with MBC

  • Providing consultancy to help improve patient satisfaction ratings, and quality outcome
  • MBC studies the revenue cycle issues of the organization, offer advice in implementing changes for improvement, hence helping physicians focus on patient care and hence increase patient satisfaction
  • A sure way to increasing practice revenue is through improved provider coding resulting in increasing revenue by as much as 20% or more, without any increase to patient volume. MBC’s experienced coding experts offer accurate and quick results to help increase practice revenue
  • MBC provides physicians advice on maintaining efficient scheduling processes and readily understand the connection to their bottom line. MBC works with physicians to to enable the very best patient experience

MBC = Consultancy + RCM + Medical Coding Services

Highly refined patient flow processes + increased patient satisfaction

Increased Practice Revenues

Published By - Medical Billers and Coders
Published Date - Jan-31-2013 Back

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