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Kaci Nove

Expertise In: Internal Medicine,OB Gyn,
Name : Kaci Nove
Experience :
Specialty : Internal Medicine,OB Gyn,
Location : MorenoValley,CA
Description :

Talented young professional with skills and training in: Medical Coding and Insurance Billing/ Administrative Assistant Highly-accomplished, quick learner with impressive hands on knowledge base.

Current Profile:  Medical Billing to HMO's, PPO's , Medicare, Medi-cal, and  Workman's Comp. lytec Software, Office Ally clearing house.Calling insurance companies to verify eligibility and benefits.

Calling patients about account balances.Posting patient and insurance payments to patient accounts. Getting deposits ready for doctors. Dealing with EOB's from insurance companies. Denials from insurance companies. Contracting with insurance companies.Billing on CMS-1500 and HCFA's, Answering the phones.,etc.

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