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Johanne Barthold

Name : Johanne Barthold
Experience : 6
Specialty : Hospitalist Billing,Pediatrics,Physical Therapy,Urology,Emergency Medicine Billing,Pharmacy Billing,
Location : Brockton,MA
Description :

Johanne Barthold is an experienced Administrative Assistant looking for work in a fast paced facility. She has been practicing in various specialty clinics and has acquired experience in handling many processes. She is a quick learner and can work with different teams.

Her Current and past roles include:

  • Enter and approve all referrals for day surgeries, Inpatient, Observations, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and emergency room visits.
  • Run Gestational age reports for all new babies born
  • Manage customer service calls from providers requesting approved authorizations for different procedures
  • Data entry on all patients admitted in client's facility.
  • Verified resident benefits using Passport, Medicare line, E1's, contacting facilities, responsible parties and thru ERX, on line insurance card search.
  • Entered all Hospice covered medications and billed to correct Hospice.
  • Reversed and re billed any necessary charges and accounts.
  • Required to match all meds with its generic name in order to bill properly.
  • Managed customer service calls assisting providers with questions on claims.
  • Billed all insurance claims for Masshealth patients via electronic filling on the internet.
  • Performed adjustment as needed to all accounts.
  • Billed all other commercial insurances and managed all secondary insurance as needed.
  • Resolved every claim denied until balance was paid or adjusted off.
  • Organized and adjusted ledger cards for each account Correspond with physicians, attorneys, and insurance adjusters on a daily basis.
  • Billed all insurance claims via medevant clearing house
  • Tracked all unresolved claims and handled appeals
  • Managed referrals with help on web MD
  • Handled Customer Service calls from patients regarding their bills
  • Worked closely with Doctors to ensure complete accuracy
  • of their medical encounters
  • Managed daily deposit slips, and daily close

Software used:
WebMD, medevant clearing house

Specialty: Urology, Pharmacy Billing, Hospital Billing, Pediatric Billing, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and emergency room

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