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Cindy Icenhower

Name : Cindy Icenhower
Experience : 17
Specialty : Internal Medicine,Hospitalist Billing,General Surgery,
Location : Lakeview,OR
Description :

Cindy is an accuracy-driven enterprising professional skilled in surgery billing and inpatient hospital coding. She has a total of 18+ years of experience as the owner and operator of a healthcare organization, insurance agent, as well as a medical billing and coding associate. She is knowledgeable in ICD-9-CM and CPT Coding Guidelines, MediSoft Office Software, ICD-9-CM, CPT coding, HIPAA law education, medical law and ethics, and Anatomy and terminology.
Possessing strong customer service skills, she believes in developing creative solutions and her key responsibilities have included the following:

  • Produced educational material for new Insurance Producers preparing for the State Exam
  • Developed workshops to educate one hundred and sixty eight clients on Health and Life Insurance products
  • Responsible for assisting clients to prepare insurance claims
  • Launched a business contract which developed revenue of $1 million dollars plus
  • Managed budgets & day to day operations as a multi-state health and life producer
  • Responsible for all day to day operations and twenty eight full time employees as the owner and operator of a healthcare organization
  • Built a clientele supported by 55% referral business
  • Demonstrated new finishing products to contractors which resulted in five general contractors switch exclusively to the new products
  • Testified at six county commission meetings as a result the commercial codes were updated to reflect the advances in finishing products.

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