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Ginny McManus

Expertise In: Otolaryngology,
Name : Ginny McManus
Experience : 26
Specialty : Otolaryngology,
Location : Salford,PA
Description :

Ginny has 26+ years of experience as a Medical Billing Manager /Compliance Officer with extensive background in ICD9 and CPT coding, HIPAA & Red Flag rules, Charts Audits, Insurance contract negotiations and compliance, operative report audits, Accounts Receivables management, and Staff Training & Development. She has developed a Policy and Procedure manual for the billing department, a training manual to assist office staff, and a training sheet for all new hires familiarizing them in all billing department job functions.

Her responsibilities have included the following:

  • Supervise billing and collections of hospital claims on UB 92 forms, physician claims on HCFA forms for multiple states
  • Reviewed claims for proper coding preventing denial of claim
  • Reviewed physician notes for compliance and proper documentation
  • Reviewed insurance company rejections resulting in compliance and increased payments
  • Review of billing was performed based on HCFA guidelines resulting in accurate billing procedures
  • Maintained Excel spreadsheet for batch posting to make sure all money was posted
  • Investigated pricing for medication reimbursement resulting in appropriate charging of medication to insurance companies
  • Responsible for claim appeal guidelines for medical, workers compensation, emergency room, ambulance, motor vehicle, physical therapy and anesthesia   
  • Managing Accounts Receivables

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