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Lori Fernandez

Expertise In: Internal Medicine,
Name : Lori Fernandez
Experience : 18
Specialty : Internal Medicine,
Location : Redlands,CA
Description :

Lori has 18+ years of experience as a Billing Specialist and Coordinator, and Patient Account representative with extensive background in verifying correct funding source & maintaining correct level of care for reimbursement, generating weekly revenue, preparing and billing reimbursement claims, reconciliation and collection of aged receivables, and billing of secondary insurance.

She has held the following key responsibilities:

  • Substantial experience in billing & follow up of Medicare/Medi-Cal accounts
  • Billing of secondary insurance/patients
  • Billing experience of in-custody accounts
  • Verified & maintained accurate daily census
  • Verify correct funding source, verify & maintain correct level of care for correct reimbursement, run & work various reports, generated weekly revenue
  • Prepared invoices for nursing facilities to ensure correct payment to be sent
  • Prepare & bill claims to correct reimbursement source; follow up on payments

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