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Mary I. Lander

Name : Mary I. Lander
Experience : 5
Specialty : Chiropractic,Mental Health,Physical Therapy,
Location : Webberville,MI
Description :

Mary has been operating her own billing company for the last 5+ years and has a huge experience as a Benefit Analyst, Subrogation Specialist, and Medical Laboratory Technologist. With more than 31 years of experience in the health insurance industry, she has a thorough knowledge of medical billing procedures (HIPAA guidelines), and coding (ICD-9-CM and CPT), handling insurance claims, and reconciliation and collection of aged receivables etc.

Her accurate billing specialties cater to physicians, physical therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists and chiropractors.

Possessing excellent interpersonal and organizational skills, she has held the following key responsibilities: 

  • Secure reimbursement of charges, ensure accurate processing and payment of medical claims, as well as handling non-payment issues 
  • Advise Benefit Analysts and Auditors of medical claims processing instructions
  • handled restitution, third party liability, worker’s disability compensation cases and other legal issues 
  • Negotiate settlement of liens for workers’ disability compensation and third party cases to obtain recovery from the responsible party 
  • Testify in Workers’ Disability Compensation and third party recovery cases 
  • Ensure accurately processed claims and advise Benefit Analysts and Auditors of processing instructions

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