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Terri S. Winsor

Expertise In: Cardiology,
Name : Terri S. Winsor
Experience : 15
Specialty : Cardiology,
Location : Zanesville,OH
Description :

Terri is a Certified Professional Coder & CCC with 18+ years experience as a Coding Specialist, Coding/Billing Associate, Instructor Adult Medical Coding Program, and Chart auditor. She has been responsible for educating clients and peers on compliance and correct coding methodology and reviewed coding related denial codes for correction, performed analysis on denied claims and provided resolution for accurate and faster reimbursement TAT. She has excellent grounding in Microsoft Word and Excel, as well as Misys, IDX, Quadax and Netpractice Computer Software.

Her key responsibilities have included the following:

  • Reviewed claims for proper coding preventing denial of claim
  • Claim Edit functions; appending modifier, validating coded charges and determining other potential errors
  • Reviewed insurance company rejections resulting in compliance and increased payments
  • Review of billing was performed based on HCFA guidelines resulting in accurate billing procedures
  • Maintained Excel spreadsheet for batch posting to make sure all money was posted
  • Investigated pricing for medication reimbursement resulting in appropriate charging of medication to insurance companies
  • Managing Accounts Receivables

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