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Erika Adler

Expertise In: Optometry,
Name : Erika Adler
Experience : 10
Specialty : Optometry,
Location : Walton Hills,OH
Description :

Erika Adler, CPC A has been a medical professional for over 23 years now. Her experience with hospice has given her the ability to connect with and understand the healthcare industry as an expert. Recently Erika has secured a certification through AAPC and excelled at Medical coding, ICD 9CM and Medical terminology.

Her specialty is Optometry and her decade long exposure at hospice has trained her well to cater to any requirements as a Residential Nursing Assistant and Hospice Home Care Provider. Apart from her contact with Medical Billing and Coding, she is adept at catering to the following:

  • Complete all records and documentation and report changes to RN
  • Order medical supplies and maintain stockroom
  • Office duties, filing, answering phones

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