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Monica O’ Connell

Expertise In: OB Gyn,Physical Therapy,
Name : Monica O’ Connell
Experience : 22
Specialty : OB Gyn,Physical Therapy,
Location : Yonkers,NY
Description :

Monica O’ Connell is seeking a medical billing and or transcription position where she can utilize her skills and knowledge and learn to be more productive for the good of the company. She has worked with Physical Therapy, Ob/ GYN and various other specialties claims and has delivered on the below mentioned job functions:
  • Responsible for daily procedural posting and assisting patients with billing inquiries.
  • Track claim status via insurance companies websites and telephone communication  regarding payments  or denials.
  • Correspond with insurance representatives and websites for verification, authorizations, referrals, precertification and benefits.
  • Responsible for daily procedural auditing and posting charges, payments into practice management system and daily accounting reconciliation and preparation of bank deposits.
  • Process monthly insurance A/R reports with necessary claims investigation with proof of timely filing and processing of appeals for outstanding claims.
  • Review and submit electronic claims through MD on line clearinghouse, follow up of claim tracking through insurance carrier websites and on line reports.
  • Correspond with insurance representatives for precertification and notification on in office procedures, ultrasounds and surgeries.
  • Correspond with insurance companies and patients regarding release of medical records with HIPAA compliance.
Monica has the advantage of being trained on various Medical Billing software including GE Centricity, CDC, Medical Manager, NexGen, EMR and IDX software.

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