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Sandra D Hillers

Expertise In: Family Practice,Orthopedic,
Name : Sandra D Hillers
Experience : 7
Specialty : Family Practice,Orthopedic,
Location : Camdenton,MO
Description :

Sandra D Hillers has coded and billed for family practice and orthopedics surgeon for trauma, billed to insurance carriers including, medicare, medicaid, bcbs, auto insurance, and other liability carriers.

Followed up with insurance and self pay patients at intervals of 30, 60 and 90 days. 

Set up payment arrangements and proceeded to collection processed, did all collections in our own office. 

Processed daily payments as well as insurance payments including write offs and balance corrections for w/c patients, and medicare and especially Medicaid

Process refunds back to insurance carriers and patients in a timely fashion. 

Contact insurance carriers on a daily basis to work down aging. 

Currently aging for all carriers over 120 days is less than 8% overall. 

Release audit accounts being held for audit by our in house auditor from audit compliance report.  

Customer service skills with patients, co workers and insurance carriers. 

Payment posting and batching when back up are needed for the regular personnel are unavailable or overwhelmed

Her expertise lies in:

  • Commercial reimbursment for workers compensation
  • Veterans administration
  • Auto accident claims
  • Coventry healthcare
  • First health, group health plan,
  • Mercy health plans, and secondary claims after medicare processing. 

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