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Ruby Hatt

Name : Ruby Hatt
Experience : 15
Specialty : Dermatology,Orthopedic,Pediatrics,
Location : Milpitas,CA
Description :


Ruby Hatt with More than 15 Years of experience in Medical billing, coding and clerical administration in Healthcare can be of tremendous help to a healthcare organization looking for revenue management specialist. 

Medical Billing

  • Review and corrections of all Facility claims (last half of alpha) for commercial insurance using the Cirius Claim Scrubber System. (Both inpatient and out patient encounters, surgeries, etc.)
  • Review reports for unbilled patient accounts/charges and make necessary corrections, locate missing billing info such as coding, etc.
  • Review reports for submission of claim for additional stop loss payment based on specific criteria per insurance.
  • Located and printed implant invoices/purchase orders for attachment to the insurance claims.
  • Posting of payments and charges, applying to patient’s accounts through all aspects of medical billing
  • Collections of past due accounts, tracing previously submitted insurance claims and communicating with insurances and   patients regarding accounts.

Her experience of handling In-patient and Out – patient bills with Pediatric, Dermatology and Orthopedic specialty is outstanding and gives her enough knowledge to adapt to any specialty.

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