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Rubina Azaryan

Name : Rubina Azaryan
Experience : 12
Specialty : Internal Medicine,Chiropractic,Oncology,Radiology,
Location : Glendale,CA
Description :

Rubina Azaryan’s 12 plus years of experience in the Medical Billing and Coding function has developed her healthcare administration skills to a great extent. Currently Rubina is also working as a instructor for Medical Billing and collections in GLENDALE CAREER COLLEGE.

Her past experience has trained her in the below mentioned functions:

  • General administration
  • Payment posting
  • Billing and Data entry
  • Medicare enrollment applications
  • NPI applications
  • Worker compensation claims 
  • Collection from patient and ins.
  • Marketing
  • keep updated on Medicare regulations, 
  • Eligibility and Insurance verification
  • Training staff from Medical offices
  • Monthly statements
  • Follow-ups on Account Receivables

Among many of the specialties that Rubina has contributed to Oncology, Acupuncture, Transportation, Chiropractic , Internal medicine and Radiology services are some which she has closely worked with. She would prove to be an excellent team player in any healthcare organization.

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