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Experience : 18
Specialty : Anesthesiology,Cardiology,Pediatrics,Podiatry,Rheumatology,
Location : Allentown,PA
Description :

With a vast experience of about 18 years in healthcare, JANIS LYNN DICKINSON has managed to gain exposure to Cardiology, Podiatry, Pediatric, anesthesia and rheumatology Billing. Her experience as a PHYSICIAN BILLER, Insurance examiner and Worker’s compensation specialist has made her an asset any practice will be privileged to have in their practice.

Responsibilities included:

  • Handling all billing issues for the Adolescent and Pediatric clinic, anesthesia practice, a rheumatology practice as well as workers’ compensation and auto claims for all practices
  • Posting insurance checks and making sure that they were paid correctly,  when they are not paid correctly, take the proper steps to obtain the additional payments or retraction
  • Aggressively work age trials
  • Oversee the separation of workload for a family practice
  • Answer all patient’s, attorney’s, insurance company’s and fellow employee’s questions that may arise
  • Help with credentialing as needed
  • Correcting all electronic billing error so claims could be filed

 She has also worked as an INSURANCE EXAMINER where she acquired Knowledge of insurance policies, overseeing that all claims stay with in Protocol, representing any needed information or assessments on each claims and making the final determination on all claim. Working up the payments for each claim and requesting the checks, Issuing denials on the denied claims and applying correct interest on all late payments.

Janis has also worked as a Worker’s compensation specialist:

  • Posting checks, making sure all charges are paid in accordance with workers’ compensation law and reviewing those that are not
  • Handling all aspects of workers’ compensation billing including age trials, answering all questions and handling all attorney issues              
  • Correcting all coding and posting error and notifying personnel of their errors and how to correct them
  • Scanning dictation to assure that all services are billed correctly
  • Notifying the Director of Finance of any non-compliant issue arises and correcting   these error whenever possible
  • Handling all questions relating to workers’ compensation issues

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