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Wendi Healy

Expertise In: Family Practice,Orthopedic,
Name : Wendi Healy
Experience : 2
Specialty : Family Practice,Orthopedic,
Location : Centennial,CO
Description :

Wendi Healy is a Healthcare professional specializing in appeals; having gone past Medicare ALJ level and winning at a national appeals level. She has a high level of knowledge of RBRVS fee schedules, CPT, ICD-9, HCPC, DMERC, NCCI, and Colorado Health Care law
Some of her core skills:
  • Management working with employee: training/mentoring, staff evaluations/reprimands, recruiting. 
  • All aspects of healthcare billing including high level financial analysis
  • Interest in healthcare legislation-member of state task force for HB 10-1332, CMGMA legislative committee
  • Healthcare contracts with knowledge of RBRVS, DRGs, case rates, carve-outs, RVU analysis   
  • Advanced level knowledge in Microsoft: Outlook, Excel, Word, Publisher, Power Point & Access.
  • Inventory control                   
  • Master scheduling, including call schedules
  • Certified professional coder
  • Experience with EHR and numerous PM systems including: systems mapping, workflow analysis, template creation, HL7 feeds, contract loading, inter-connectivity, SNOMED, end-user analysis, and staff readiness training.
  • Manage day to day business of a 6 provider office. 
  • Responsible for staffing, equipment, and organizational needs for the office including: design and implementation of office policies; predict, maintain and replenish office supply/medical supply inventory
  • Liaise with other organizations, physicians and groups; and maintain office equipment
  • Supervise office/medical support staff including preparation of time sheets, recruitment of support staff, employee training/coaching and performance reviews Responsible for master scheduling for the current clinic and 7 additional facilities.
  • Assisted my physicians in the successful implementation of a new E-prescribing program, including PQRI reporting.  
  • Through the use of previous process management background have worked closely with a vendor to improve office processes to reduce turn around time of dictation/lab report distribution from 7-10 days to approximately 48 hours with a higher level of service to referring physician community
  • Assisted the IT representative in receiving lab reports/office faxes from hard copy reports to electronic files.  
Specialties Handled:
Family Practice and Orthopedic are some of the prominent ones amongst many specialties handled by Wendi Healy

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