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Araxie Sekterian

Name : Araxie Sekterian
Experience : 6
Specialty : Optometry,Radiology,Teleradiology,
Location : Belleville,MI
Description :

Araxie Sekterian is a reliable medical professional seeking a position that will utilize her experience to the benefit of the organization. Comprehensive skills in office administration, medical billing, coding, and computer operations. She has the ability to interact with patients and keep information confidential. Maintain excellent relationships with patients, family, staff, and administration. Medical Professional with good work ethics and detail oriented. Her overall work experience in Healthcare exceeds 6 years.

Araxie has worked as a Reimbursement Specialist and accomplished the following job functions:

  • Evaluation of payments
  • Account adjustments
  • Contact patients              
  • Billed eye care claims 
  • QA the doctors 
  • Input patient information 
  • Billed x-ray claims 
  • Verified BCBS, Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial insurance 
  • Printed billing reports

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