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Eduardo Orozco

Expertise In: Chiropractic,Radiology,Dental,
Name : Eduardo Orozco
Experience : 7
Specialty : Chiropractic,Radiology,Dental,
Location : El Paso,TX
Description :

Eduardo Orozco is a highly motivated, hard working, fast learning, result driven individual with good analytical, interpersonal and communication skills. He has the abilities to efficiently work independently and in a team. His Medical Billing and clinical assistance experience exceeds 7 years, during this time Eddie has worked in many roles such as Office Manager and  Bookkeeper Coder & Billing/ Front Office.

The various functions that included in his job role are as follows:

Worked AR’S

  • Worked Denials & Resubmitted Claims
  • Verified Patients Insurance
  • Insurance verification
  • Schedule appointments & answer phones 
  • Check out patients & code procedures.
  • Collect co payments and deductibles from patients.
  • Responsible for ensuring timely and accurate processing of billing.
  • Responsible for handling and maintaining insurance, Medicaid, Workman Compensation claims.
  • Responsible for maintaining financial reports and ledger.
  • Responsible for reconciliation and analysis of balance sheet accounts.
  • Assisted x-ray technicians with x-ray records.
  • Responsible in maintaining patient’s records and files.

Some of the specialties that Eddie has gained expertise with are Chiropractic, Radiology and Dental Billing

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