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Vanessa Diana Brown

Expertise In: Chiropractic,Orthopedic,
Name : Vanessa Diana Brown
Experience : 15
Specialty : Chiropractic,Orthopedic,
Location : Buffalo,SC
Description :

Vanessa Diana Brown has 15 years experience in medical terminology & customer service; includes 10 years medical billing & collection experience and 5 years of medical coding. She has the ability to read and interpret explanation of benefits. Her experience of 10 years of with  Workers Compensation insurance, Medicare, Medicaid and private payers makes her the ideal choice for various medical administration roles.

Her Role:

  • Answered multiple phone lines including billing inquiries from patients, physicians and insurance carriers.
  • • Received patient credit card payments over the phone.
  • Called insurance companies to track unpaid claims and determine if claims had to be either corrected, remailed and/or appealed.
  • Filed primary & secondary insurance claims either electronically or on paper in a timely manner.
  • Set up payment arrangements with patients and closely monitored their agreements.
  • Posted and applied insurance payments and adjustments and patient payments accordingly.
  • Entered office charges, verified correct CPT & ICD-9 usage on encounter forms
  • Posted patient and insurance payments and entered office and surgery charges.
  • Verified correct CPT & ICD-9 usage on super bills and verified patient’s insurance coverage/eligibility.
  • Answered billing inquiries made from patients, insurance companies, physicians and attorneys.
  • Processed all denials received from insurance carriers and called to determine why the claim was denied and what action needed to be taken to be properly reimbursed. If an appeal was needed an appeal letter and/or phone call was made and was followed up until a proper response was received.
  • Unpaid claims were also tracked and a monthly A/R report was printed and maintained to offset any outstanding patient and insurance balances.

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