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Denise A. Bell

Name : Denise A. Bell
Experience : 2
Specialty : Internal Medicine,Family Practice,
Location : Indianapolis,IN
Description :

Denise A. Bell has been employed with the State of Indiana as a Special Claims Deputy, her experience has given her an exposure into claim rejection and claim preparation equally.

Her current role includes:
Analyze and make eligibility determination in conformance with federal and state Unemployment Insurance laws, rules, policies and procedures.
Coordinate with claimants, employers and agency staff to make complex and immediate eligibility determinations in a timely manner.
Send out past 1099 forms to claimants and also research discrepancies.
Answer employers questions on the telephone about their merit rate, benefit charges on microfiche and send out current monthly benefit charge statements.

Her Education:
Medical Administrative Specialist
Major: Medical Billing and Coding

CMAA AND CBCS, National Healthcare Association, MI

Her specialization: Internal Medicine, family Practice and various other specializations

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