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Donna McCuller

Name : Donna McCuller
Experience : 6
Specialty : Pathology,Behavioral Health,Radiology,Dental,Teleradiology,
Location : Milwaukee,WI
Description :

Donna McCuller is a medical biller and coder with over 8 years experience. She has worked in Multi-Specialty Clinics throughout with medical billing opportunities to work for the billing process from the beginning to the end. She is a proficient coder and keeps up with all coding guidelines and updates.

Ability to provide outstanding customer service.

    *     Microsoft; Excel, Word, PowerPoint etc…
    *     Type 40 wpm.
    *     Accounts Receivable, Collections
    *     Assertive, self-motivated, goal-oriented, organized, efficient and able to work independent also a great team player.
    *     Knowledge of Medical Terminology.
    *     Billing (DME, ICD-9 and CPT manual: third party billing)
    *     Knowledge of Medicare and Medicaid Guidelines
    *     Medicare Training (A, B, C, and D)
    *     Able to obtain patients demographics
    *     Experienced Multi-Specialty Medical Coder, Data Entry

Current & Past Roles:

  • Responsible for coding billing sheets.
  • Responsible for charge entries on to Medicaid Forward Health Portal.
  • *Responsible for facilitating updates on billing policy and procedures for PNCC program with Program Director.
  • *Responsible for all claim follow up.
  • *Managed Behavioral Health Accounts for large healthcare organization.
  • *Submitted electronic and paper claims to third party payers.
  • *Responsible for collecting correct documentation to submit claims.
  • Responsible for coding, charge entry, and billing
  • Collected and made arrangement on past due accounts.
  • Reconciled payments from third party agencies.
  • *Responsible for coding encounter.
  • *Responsible for charge entry.
  • *Submitted electronic and paper claims to Medicare and Medicaid.
  • *Runs reports to obtain and work A/R.

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