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Jodi Mahoney

Name : Jodi Mahoney
Experience : 23
Specialty : Pulmonology,Internal Medicine,Optometry,Otolaryngology,Mental Health,
Location : Anderson,SC
Description :

Jodi Mahoney is an insurance and Billing Specialist with 23 years experience in several different field including psychiatry, OB-GYN, internal Medicine, otolaryngologists, optometrists and pulmonologists.   
Summary of Skills 
• filing insurance
• patient billing
• posting insurance pmts
• posting person pmts
• posting charges
• blling calls
• coding
• deposits
• balancing end of day
• end of the month report
• insurance tracking
• working AR report
She has worked for the last 8 years for lateral Medicine and the last 4 years after they split for the pulmonologists. She has been responsible for entering all hospital charges, filing insurance, posting all mail payments balancing end of day, closing out end of month, insurance tracking and follow up on rejections.

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