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Kathleen Minozzi

Name : Kathleen Minozzi
Experience :
Specialty : Anesthesiology,Internal Medicine,Hospitalist Billing,Podiatry,Skilled Nursing Facility,
Location : Novato,CA
Description :

Kathleen Minozzi is an experienced Medical, non-nursing, professional seeking opportunities to work close to home, or telecommute. She has worked in medical billing, coding, auditing, and medical records. She practically ran or supervised medical laboratories for 30 years. In addition, spent a number of years as a professional medical editor, working on such projects as the WHO-International Digest of Health Legislation, editing and review of ICH GMP guidelines (International Conference on Harmonisation), Manufacturing of Medical Devices, and Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Regulations.

Though she prefers fulltime with benefits, but willing to work part-time. She is qualified to sit for the Professional Coding exams.


  • CMT – HHS (Clinical Medical Technologist)
  • MLT – ASCP (Medical Laboratory Technician)
  • CLA – ASCP (Certified Laboratory Assistant)

CERTIFICATES  Phlebotomist – California State University, Northridge


  • Responsible for insurance follow-up on all rejected claims for the Marin
  • Worked with the following databases:  1)  Centricity, GPMS and WFE   2)  Allscripts    3)   MD Paypost
  • Medical billing, coding and data entry
  • Worked in billing department, submitting bills for payment, processing and re-filing of Denials from various Medi-cal/Medicare programs, filled out and processed CHDP forms for Medi-cal.
  • Worked with the following databases:  1)   ECW  2)  MYSIS  3)   NEXGEN  4)   Meditech
  • Medical Bill Auditor/Coder Anesthesiology billing
  • Coding uncoded bills
  • Reviewed precoded and other bills for accuracy and compliance to coding standards prior to submission
  • Health Information Management Coordinator
  • Performed duties in the medical records department for a Skilled Nursing Facility
  • Monitored the coding and overall maintenance of records and tracked data related to patient status.
  • Ensured that all health information management practices met JCAHO and state standards.
  • Assigned appropriate ICD 9 CM codes to patient records according to established procedures.
  • Analyzed, entered and manipulated database, to maintain updated medication and treatment plans for residents.
  • Performed Audits to insure compliance of all areas of care.
  • Worked with:  1)   Meditech   2)  Microsoft excel   3)   Word
  • Back office assistant; Supply clerk; Billing, coding and accounts receivable
  • Tracking Medicare rejections and following up with clients on appropriate coding and other needs thus increasing re-imbursement by 80%.
  • Follow-up with physicians when laboratory requests rejected for corrective action. 60% increase in re-imbursement.
  • Updating and distributing NCD requirements in an outpatient setting.
  • Compiled and distributed customized NCD coding directives for outpatient lab and radiology testing. Increased customer satisfaction: 75%.

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