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Angela Gaspard

Name : Angela Gaspard
Experience : 6
Specialty : Family Practice,Cardiology,General Surgery,Occupational Health,Physical Therapy,Podiatry,
Location : Spring,TX
Description :

Angela Gaspard is an independent contractor seeking contract work and looking to assist billing companies or physician offices run smoothly in a cost effective way.

Her current and past roles:

  • Supervised and managed 10 employees for a infectious disease medical office.
  • Reviewed charting for billing purposes after physician's daily office visits for patients.
  • Performed billing/coding and collections for infectious disease, cardiology and internal medicine physicians in software EMDs system.
  • Responsible for credentialing and re-credentialing for all physicians in the office on commercial and government insurance companies.
  • Assist front office with insurance verifications, authorizations and entering in new patient referral from other physician offices using clearing house gateway.
  • Performed on PRN base transcription for infectious disease and cardiology physicians on clinic visits, infusion therapy, procedures and surgeries.
  • Responsible for billing/coding for all physicians with claim follow-up, appeals and  collections duties included in daily work activities using Core Source software.
  • Assist front office with entering in new patient demographics and verifying patient insurance and retrieving authorizations for office visits and procedures/surgeries.
  • Reviewed encounter forms & medical records to do electronic claims submission to all commercial, government and workers compensation insurance carriers.
  • PRN medical transcription for cardiology/general surgery on weekends for over flow work.
  • Responsible for claims follow-up for multiple physical & occupational therapy.
  • Performed electronic and paper claims for commercial and government insurance carriers in medisoft and office alley.
  • Worked on all bad debts collections account for unpaid claims for both physical/occupational therapy practices.
  • Sent out appeals for disputing of claims processing for all carriers
  • Monitored facility & clinic patient accounts for 6 podiatry physicians to perform insurance follow-up, appeals and collections activity using Wisdom software.
  • Responsible for setting up payment arrangements on past dues, coinsurance and deductible amounts due for services rendered.
  • Reviewed and entered encounter/superbills to submit electronic and paper claims charges to insurance companies.
  • Reviewed Correspondence and EOBs to do payment posting from all commercial, government and workers compensation carriers to send current statements balance to patients.


Certified Nurse Assistant  2000
Bone Marrow Technician 2000
Medical Billing/Coding Certification  2001
Certified Medical Coder 2010

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