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Tasha N. Wells

Expertise In: General Surgery,Primary Care,
Name : Tasha N. Wells
Experience : 10
Specialty : General Surgery,Primary Care,
Location : Charlotte,NC
Description :

Tasha Wells has her set of specialties while handling Medical Billing services :


  • Insurance Billing and Follow up – Electronic claims submission to the majority of the insurance carriers, and extensive oral or written follow up to obtain maximum reimbursement
  • Payment Posting – Verification of proper reimbursement based on client’s contracts
  • Collections - Automatic generation of past due statements and final notices for payment
  • Accounts Receivable Management - Monthly accounts receivable reporting with in-depth status information
  • Monitor Payer Changes and government policies
  • Coding and Chart Auditing
  • Patient Services – HIPAA approved statements generated weekly or monthly, patient inquiries and assistance with insurance plans

Tasha has also been an Implementation Consultant for one of the leading companies of clinical software.

Her Practice Consultant skills include:


  • Managed the use and efficiency of practice management systems for clients
  • Fee setting and maintenance
  • Financial reimbursement analysis and research: Accounts Receivable reporting, analysis, and cost containment in various systems.
  • Specialized billing and accounts receivable services
  • Coverage, coding, and payment audits
  • Reimbursement education and practice management tools

Her exposure with Healthcare consultant for one of the largest pharmacy reimbursement consulting firms has given her the deep understanding of medical Practice set up.  Provided financial reimbursement support, case management, advanced payer and reimbursement research to pharmaceutical companies, biotech and medical technology manufactures, and payers.  Had a thorough understanding of eligibility, benefits, governance, and funding of most health care payers such as large national programs, small community programs, private plans and pharmacy benefit managers.  Tracked industry trends and changes among payers, clients, competitors, and government agencies and understands the impact of trends and changes within the healthcare arena.  Assisted with the development of on-site consultation in regards to the reimbursement aspect of pharmaceutical products. Focused on reimbursement-related issues for new and existing technologies using a consultative approach through strategic planning, reimbursement consulting, and patient management services.


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