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Ayodeji Adenuga

Expertise In: Primary Care,
Name : Ayodeji Adenuga
Experience : 4
Specialty : Primary Care,
Location : Charlotte,NC
Description :

Ayodeji Adenuga has excellent communication, negotiation, influencing and follow up skills.
With accomplished ability to plan, organize and coordinate variety of activities with multiple deadlines.


  • Good knowledge of medical billing and coding, using ICD-9-CM, CPT, and HCPCS.
  • Knowledge of producing age appropriate and content compatible instructional materials
  • Electronic documentation and evaluation of residents in health care facility
  • Working knowledge of diversity, business and labor law
  • Knowledge of budgeting, planning, financial analysis, and investment analysis
  • Good knowledge of Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) regulations
  • Strong knowledge of Microsoft office, power point, and excel programs
  • Knowledge of marketing research; advertising; and marketing management
  • Working knowledge of Patient’s Bill of Rights


  • Teaching of principles and practices of Phlebotomy and preparing students for certification.
  • Trained activity assistants and supervised volunteer groups at least two times a week
  • Planed and produced monthly activity calendar, and staff schedule of duty
  • Planned, prepared and managed the departmental budget
  • Coordinated staff members to plan and cater for the recreational activities of 205 residents per day.
  • Evaluated residents and prepared electronic MDS documentation of the activities for200-205 residents per week. 
  • Prepared and coordinated the Activity department’s resident care area assessment and resident care plan.
  • Prepared residents assessment for reimbursement by Center for Medicaid, and Medicare Services.
  • Purchased supply for group activities, and one-on-one activities


  • 2012-MBA-HCM {Focused on business management, business strategy formulation and implementation, labor lawand health care policy formulation and compliance, health care information management, health insurance and managed care…}Herzing University, WI, USA.
  • 2012- Medical coding and billing, {Useof ICD-9-CM, CPT and HCPCS to bill private and public insurance for physician and providers’ services.}Stanly Community College, NC, USA
  • 2009-Activity Director for Nursing homes {Trained to design, implement and manage recreational programs for residents and  acute care patients in long term care facilities, including Dementia and Alzheimer’spatients, patients with terminal diseases (hospice care)…}-Central Piedmont Community College, NC. USA
  • 2009- Phlebotomy {Drawing of blood and bodily fluid through venipuncture and skin puncture procedures…} Divine Health Academy, NC. USA


2009-Certified Phlebotomy Technician. National HealthCareer Association, (NHA) NJ. USA.


2012- (Spring Semester) Academic Dean’s List. Herzing University, WI, USA
2011- (Fall Semester) Rickel Family Scholarship of Herzing Educational Foundation, WI, USA
2011- (Fall Semester), Academic Dean’s List. Herzing University, WI, USA

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