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Chandrasekaran Shanmugam

Name : Chandrasekaran Shanmugam
Experience : 13
Specialty : Hospitalist Billing,Neurology,
Location : Washington,DC
Description :

Chandrasekaran Shanmugam is well versed with medical terminologies, diagnosis, procedures and treatments. His strengths lie in time management, motivation, and communication & compute skills. He would like to pursue a career in Account Receivable Specialist.


  • Well versed with ICD-9-CM and CPT
  • Has knowledge of Application and data entry of diagnosis-related groups (DRGs), using appropriate computer software


  • Compile, process, and maintain medical records of hospital and clinic patients in a manner consistent with medical, administrative, ethical, legal, and regulatory requirements of the health care system by using ICD-9-CM and CPT, as well as appropriate coding references.
  • Enter data, such as demographic characteristics, history and extent of disease, diagnostic procedures and treatment into computer, providing data for inclusion in medical records and for transmission to physicians and insurance companies.
  • Application and data entry of diagnosis-related groups (DRGs), using appropriate computer software.
  • Transcribe dictation for a variety of medical reports, such as patient histories, physical examinations, emergency room visits, operations, chart reviews, consultation, or discharge summaries.
  • Review and edit transcribed reports or dictated material for spelling, grammar, clarity, consistency, and proper medical terminology.
  • Translate medical jargon and abbreviations into their expanded forms to ensure the accuracy of patient and health care facility records.
  • Produce medical reports, correspondence, records, patient-care information, statistics, medical research, and administrative material.
  • Effectively answer inquiries from physicians and the client with proper telephone etiquette concerning, the billing and code assignments, within the limits of confidentiality law.


  • Physician Office Billing                            
  • Introduction to Medical Billing                               
  • Medical Billing                                                          
  • Computerized Medical Billing                               
  • Advanced Computerized Medical Billing

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