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Valerie A. Shriver

Expertise In: Orthopedic,
Name : Valerie A. Shriver
Experience : 11
Specialty : Orthopedic,
Location : Boise,ID
Description :

Valerie A. Shriver has 11 years experience in medical billing industry. She is seeking a Billing and Coding position in a team environment that offers opportunity for personal growth and career development. She is a strong team player and loyal employee. She is conscientious and extremely motivated.
She has the ability to work with little supervision, independent decision making.
She is flexible and adapts well to change.
She possesses the ability to multi-task and be pro-active in challenging business environments with the ability to organize, prioritize and present a simple project plan.


  • Proficient in Windows XP-Microsoft Word , Excel
  • Orthopedic CPT and ICD-9 coding, 2009
  • Surgery coding
  • Med man software
  • Credentialing.
  • Insurance recovery of lost funds.
  • Financial Summary reports, surgery coding and electronic billing
  • Electronic billing and Medicare recovery


  • AAPC certified CPC coding
  • AAPC Certification CPC certification
  • Medical Terminology and Anatomy Certification
  • ICD9 Insurance Coding & Billing
  • ICD9  CPT- Advance Coding
  • Comprehensive Coding & Reimbursements for practice
  • Expanded Preview of ICD-10 cm
  • Practical E/M Documentation and coding
  • Coding Competency workshop ICD9
  • Coding Competency workshop chart Auditing


  • Experienced in establishing relationships with customers, capable of recommending solutions to the mutual benefit of the organization and the customer.
  • Ability to problem solve in multiple situations. 
  • Familiarity with all major coding resources, experience with rejection/denial research, ability to identify compliance issues, ability to audit, track, compile and analyze statistical data on client accounts and ability to identify problems and develop action plans for resolution. 
  • Process all medical billing and physicians coding.
  • Manage accounts receivable of a multi-million dollar practice.
  • Bank deposits and EOB posting.
  • Physician contract negotiations.
  • Financial Summary reports, surgery coding and electronic billing.
  • Initiated customer contacts, scheduling of appointments and maintained physician calendar.
  • Handled all collections activity, billing inquiries and customer complaints.
  • General office management, ordering of supplies and handling of correspondence. Physician calendar and surgery schedule.
  • Posting payments to patient accounts, EOB and insurance follow-up, collections, medical coding, billing, pre-authorizations.  Billing inquires and resolutions.  Physician coding for billing accuracy.
  • Responsible for all medical billing, coding, pricing and front desk supervision.
  • Performed duties associated with auditing physician coding for billing accuracy.
  • Performed auditing for Lab Corp; audit control against customer billing.
  • Initiated customer contacts, scheduling of appointments and collections activity.  Work extensively with accounting and billing.  Handled billing inquiries and customer complaints.
  • Worked extensively with workman’s compensation for preauthorization of services.
  • Responsible for overall business management with a defined customer base.  Management of a full-time hair studio with retail sales of salon and beauty products.
  • Initiated customer contacts; perform all aspects of cosmetologist and esthetician duties with extensive customer service and account management.
  • Responsible for inventory control; completing sales forecast and planning documentation for the business.
  • Performed purchasing and stocking for a full line of hair and skin care products.
  • Maintained extensive business accounting records.
  • Compose correspondence, design target market brochures and flyers for business advertisement. 
  • Can effectively teach Evaluation & Management in coding in 1 hour

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