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Wendy M. Vandermeer

Expertise In: OB Gyn,
Name : Wendy M. Vandermeer
Experience : 22
Specialty : OB Gyn,
Location : Grand Rapids,MI
Description :

Wendy M. Vandermeer seeks tobtain an exciting and challenging position in the medical-related field in which my training, experience, and education can be best utilized. She has 20+ years experience in the medical billing field. She is loyal, professional, trustworthy, eager tlearn, dependable, people-oriented, team player and enjoys challenges.


  • Good oral/written skills           
  • Excellent customer/patient relationships  
  • Instruction/supervision of students/employees                  
  • Knowledge of Word, Excel, Microsoft Outlook
  • Analyze data tproblem-solve logically
  • Management of staff and physicians
  • Knowledge of ICD-10, CPT coding, and medical terminology
  • Knowledge of the policies and procedures for billing Tricare, CHAMPVA, and the VA insurances


  • Instructing students in diagnosis and procedure coding, insurance billing and claims forms, medical transcription and skills in managing the front office
  • Involved in the billing of claims, follow-up of accounts, researching denials, working reports in a timely manner, participating in Medicaid HMpayer meetings and maintaining a high level of knowledge of all the government payers. 
  • Developing and implementing the schedules for 5 physicians, accounts payables, using the Lawson system, accounts receivable, performing surgery scheduling and pre-authorizations, training of new staff.
  • Responsible for the budget of the office and evaluations of the staff. 
  • Involved in the ICD-9CM/CPT coding as well, in order tassist our Centralized Billing Office and handling customer complaints and billing issues. 
  • Coordinated and worked on several LEAN projects within my office and other offices.
  • Responsible for the staff scheduling for the Admitting Office, the Cashier’s Office, the Outpatient Lab Registration Areas and the Emergency Room, building tables for the new HealthQuest system.
  • Responsible for filling in for any of my staff members if they were ill or on vacation, payroll, ordering supplies and training new staff.  Worked on several LEAN projects.
  • Assisted in developing departmental policies/procedures, communicated professionally with physicians’ offices and appropriately coordinated insurance benefits with auto, worker’s compensation, and other health coverage benefits as it was associated with appropriate CPT/ICD-9CM coding.
  • Supervised and instructed prospective medical assistants in such classes as computerized insurance billing, CPT and ICD-9CM coding, office management skills, word processing, accounts receivable, and accounts payable.
  • Assisted with the billing for all of the Primary Care
  • Partner Offices as well as the urgent care centers.
  • Involved in auditing the work tlook for errors in coding and tcorrect them.  Posted insurance and personal payments taccounts.
  • Posted insurance and personal payments, reviewed and updated records, collected on delinquent accounts, direct patient contact, and insurance billing and coding.


  • Adopted a productivity program that allowed me tmonitor staff/labor costs per patient visits per day thelp control costs on daily basis.
  • Began an Ambulatory Staffing Pool for the Saint Mary’s off-site campuses, oriented the new staff and coordinated training for them, produced training materials for ambulatory staff, began an awards program for these temporary staff, coordinated their schedules and prepared their payroll.  
  • Added a fifth physician tthe practice within 6 months and was instrumental in getting her contracted with many insurance companies.
  • Coordinated the physical move of the office from 1787 Grand Ridge Ct NE t1471 East Beltline NE, including completing the entire design of the new office. 
  • Developed an audit system in order treduce the number of data entry errors in all of the registration areas
  • Served on several committees at Saint Mary’s including the Peer Committee that reviewed all employees’ concerns through the complaint process

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