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Robert L. Pedersen

Name : Robert L. Pedersen
Experience : 20
Specialty : Mental Health,Internal Medicine,Family Practice,Hospitalist Billing,Cardiology,Wound Care,
Location : OverlandPark,KS
Description :

Robert Pedersen has the combined experience of a professional and having been self employed in the Medical Billing Industry. Some of the specialties that he has served are Practice Management, Accounts Receivable for Cardiologists, Family Practice, Wound Care, Psych, PM&R/Pain Management.

Robert Pedersen is a specialist for all facets of Billing Service Management including Credentialing, training clients on remote access and input Training clients on balancing and submission of payments. His knowledge of  EFT, ERA, Claims Applications has helped many practices streamline finances easily. He Sets ups practices with Clearinghouses, manages remote access to Hospital EMR Systems for facesheets, notes, reports.

Maintaining client updates on LCDs, NCDs, NCCI and other coding factors Production and Review of A/R Reports with Physicians and/or Administrators are his special interests. He has performed all billing service functions from coding to pre-collections to follow-up. He has managed A/R for over 75 medical practices in virtually every specialty.A unique combination of experience and dedication, Bob is a good choice for Kansas physicians to rely on for their Medical Billing functions.

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