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Cynthia L. Sanchez

Expertise In: Pediatrics,
Name : Cynthia L. Sanchez
Experience : 15
Specialty : Pediatrics,
Location : Roseville,MI
Description :

Cynthia L. Sanchez is a medical biller since 1980 and started her own company in 1997. Has worked and managed a Pediatric office for 7 years in a capacity of an Office Manager/ Medical Biller.


  • Proficient in T.H.O.M.A.S program
  • Well educated regarding Insurances, appeals
  • A/R Specialist
  • Adult Education Instructor
  • Excellent Customer Relation
  • Proficient in all aspects of Medical Claims and HIPAA


  • Setup and teach proper state approved materials
  • Teach students the use of T.H.O.M.A.S program
  • Educate students on all aspects of billing, posting, appeals
  • Educate students on Insurance regulations and HIPAA
  • Pick up of billing materials, routers, superbills weekly
  • Posting of all patient, insurance payments
  • Transmission of all electronic claims, mailing of any hard copy claims
  • Handle all patient accounts, claim appeals


  • Instructed and Assisted teachings in Medical Billing and also Medical Assisting Classes for classes of 40 students
  • Created and implemented educational materials for multiple levels
  • Help set up and run a reputable, reliable company
  • Maintain successful client relationships and help practices grow
  • Able to help a physician setup their own practice, help manage


Member of multiple Billing Associations

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