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Chiquta Woods

Expertise In: Pharmacy Billing,
Name : Chiquta Woods
Experience : 14
Specialty : Pharmacy Billing,
Location : OaklandPark,FL
Description :

Chiquta Woods, a professional medical billing with 14 years experience and the ability to quickly analyze trends leading to decrease in revenue and develop processes that regulate and increase the flow of revenue. Has extraordinary ability to quickly analyze the medical office in any field specializing in all government insurance carriers.


  • Possess solid computer skills such as Microsoft office, excel, word, power point, and more.
  • Proficient in medical billing programs, including, Athena health, advance md, cpu, and keane.
  • Extremely detail oriented and able to work with minimal supervision.
  • Strong organizational skills and excellent interpersonal communication.          


  • Submit Medicaid claims for the nursing home and follow up on the accounts after sending the claim to the insurance company and making sure that all the claims will be paid in a timely manner.
  • Work closely with Revenue Recycle Manager on Medicaid Regulations and changes when they make changes in their existing service. Enter lab charges and submit adjustments for PIP payments.
  • Send a weekly spreadsheet on Medicaid cash received and follow up on all account balances.
  • Enter hospital and office charges into the system for billing.  Follow up on claims submitted to various insurance companies for payment.
  • Assist with bank reconciliation, collect patient copays & deductible. Assist with bank reconciliation.
  • Work closely with the physicians to have a clear understanding about TEE, ICD’s, Cardioversion, and Ablations performed on patients.
  • Work the patients to answer any questions they may have regarding the procedure performed and answer questions from the patients regarding their insurance coverage.
  • Responsible for contacting customers and insurance companies regarding account balances and past due accounts.
  • Follow up claims for 5 out of state payers (Texas, Arizona, Missouri, Georgia, New Mexico)
  • Review and processing non –adjudicated claims older than 60 days. Analyzing the A/R monthly reports, taking actions to identify issues preventing adjudication of claims, planning a solution and resolving A/R problems.  Handle Medicare, Medicaid, Blue Cross, etc via invoice or phone calls on claims submission. Experience with MedAvant, Availity, Meditech, Medical Manager, WebMD and other online database systems
  • Coordinates all insurance billing and follow up for the medical facility by performing the following duties: Contact all insurance companies on outstanding accounts receivable (claims).
  • Request claims to be billed to insurance companies or other third parties to secure payment for patients. Verify all entries made and make corrections if necessary.
  • Responsible for all outstanding account follow up and to provide anything that may be needed for a claim to process correct and timely.
  • Working aging report and any reports provided to collector for claimsinsurance follow up.
  • Schedule appointments call in prescriptions to pharmacy, filing, and request medical records from hospitals and physician offices, schedule procedures at the hospital and call in hospital admissions. Order supplies medical and office supplies. Assist physician with patient exams, venipuncture, injections, EKG’s, finger sticks, blood pressures check, patient’s vitals, record medication and injections given to all patients.


  • Medical Assistant Certificate

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