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Expertise In: Pharmacy Billing,
Experience : 9
Specialty : Pharmacy Billing,
Location : Rhinelander,WI
Description :

TAMMY KRUEGER likes working in a fast paced environment and managing change.  She believes she is an asset to any company. Whether working with-in a team or on her own.  She knows how to prioritize.  In either type of situation, she has learned that even though one plan is mapped out for the day, all can change in ten minutes from taking your first phone call, seeing your first customer or getting an email.  She is very detailed orientated person, who has been taught to do things right the first time.  Her best hour is spent doing ten things at one time.


  • Detail oriented
  • Ability to prioritize work
  • Ability to work on her own and in a team


  • Manage all operations of the office: Train new employees, insurance billing, coding, follow-up on insurance
  • claims, entering insurance checks and banking. 
  • Contacting patients and insurance companies for outstanding balances. Help patients fill out paperwork, go over their insurance coverage with them.  Create finance plans for the patients.
  • Doctor scheduling, x-ray labeling and filing.
  • Reviewing/rebilling Medicare claims. Contacting Medicare or insurance companies verifying coverage.
  • Correcting claims in three different systems. Voiding, adjusting or adding procedure or diagnosis codes.  Attending patient appointments, making sure insurance information and demographic information is correct. 
  • Collect co-pays or payments and posting their accounts.
  • Worked in a Health Insurance Agency.  Supervised 4 telemarketers, 2 receptionists, got all the new agents appointed with companies we worked with (licensing). 
  • Helped customers’ complete health applications, claims and making clients understand what their coverage’s were. Called underwriting or claim departments of the insurance companies and questioned why policies weren't in-force yet or why claims weren't paid.
  • Interviewed potential clients to see if they would qualify for Health insurance. 
  • With thorough questions and information received was able to in some cases, offer coverage. 
  • Investigating and research activities done on a daily basis. 
  • Has unlimited levels of customer service contact from fellow employees in different departments to future clients.
  • Have experience contacting and ordering medical records and doing follow-up work to that order.


  • Computer training, General Mills, self-taught courses
  • Business Law Class, InverGrove Heights Tech
  • Basic and Beyond Medical Terminology, American Medical Security
  • Health Insurance Licensing, Wausau

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