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Charlotte Collins-Roman

Expertise In: Internal Medicine,
Name : Charlotte Collins-Roman
Experience : 13
Specialty : Internal Medicine,
Location : Ridgeland,MS
Description :

Charlotte Collins-Roman has Over 13 years’ experience driving maximized revenue for leading practice management organizations. Highly competitive, passionate, persuasive and articulate, able to achieve noticeable results. Experienced in targeted A/R analysis reporting and claim resolution. Seeking to continue in this role on a remote basis.


  • Increased Revenue
  • Decreased Account Aging
  • Account Management
  • CPC Certification(pending)
  • Clearinghouse Report Analysis
  • Swift Claim Resolution


  • Verifying and correcting CPT and ICD9 codes based on medical documentation.
  • Expertise in analyzing medical data to determine appropriate steps in solving difficult claims processing.
  • Successfully billing to Medicare/Medicaid/HMO’s payers as well as commercial and workers compensation using correct billing procedures.
  • Motivating staff of up to 15 employees to peak performance levels.
  • Proven record of successful project assignments.
  • Revenue Generation - Within two years, generated significant increases in revenue for both Integrated Healthcare Solutions LLC.  and Medical Practice Solutions.
  • Account Development – Restored multiple client accounts to good standing with decreased A/R.
  • Effective Strategy Implementation - As a Medical Billing Coordinator and Supervisor, I designed and implemented a follow-up strategy that allowed billing staff to meet and repeatedly exceed company revenue monthly, quarterly and yearly goals.
  • Within two years, generated significantly increased business revenue for 15 multi-specialty practices.
  • Decreased aged accounts across entire client database with successful claim resolutions.
  • Work closely with medical billing staff to ensure correct billing guidelines were adhered to.
  • Provide reporting data specific to provider needs for monthly organization meetings.
  • Complete analysis reporting to determine specific areas of concern and resolve any issues.
  • Utilized strong ability to identify and problem solve outstanding aged accounts.
  • Implemented strategies to maintain account billings within company set goals.
  • Maintained working relationships with physicians and office staff to ensure smooth billing process.
  • Quickly accelerated through the ranks based on proven account resolution and team leadership abilities.  Within three months promoted to Billing Supervisor and later to Medical Billing Coordinator. 
  • Promoted to manage multi-million dollar multi-specialty practices and served as an account supervisor.
  • Led a staff of 11-15, medical billing representatives.
  • Represented agency to clients during monthly meetings with directors, physicians and office managers.
  • Compiled EOM provider driven data to clearly identify account standing to directors and managers.
  • Provided continuing education and training to employees on correct billing procedures.
  • Managed multi-specialty accounts and consistently exceeded company revenue goals.
  • Worked closely with clearinghouse to ensure all files were received and processed in a timely manner.
  • Provided training to employees on correct billing procedures.


  • Certified Professional Coding –Pending 12/2012
  • Meridian Community College-Pursuing HIT Associates Degree

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