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Angelina M. Benjamin

Expertise In: Physical Therapy,
Name : Angelina M. Benjamin
Experience : 6
Specialty : Physical Therapy,
Location : Palmer,AK
Description :

Angelina M. Benjamin currently looking tobtain a position at which she will make a positive contribution utilizing her skills and experience, and have an opportunity tgain further experience as well as secure a permanent position. She has over six years experience in directing office administrative functions, diverse customer service, project management, and performing as a liaison thigher end management. Additionally, she has over four strong years in marketing, scheduling, planning and coordination, further management responsibilities, and managing confidential customer accounts/records. Throughout my previous positions, she has contributed timplementing new business changes as well as maintaining required records. She enjoys being of assistance, and have excellent oral and written communication skills. Without hesitation, she believes she would excel in a fair variety of positions as a result of my solid business oriented attitude and focus, in addition tmy thorough experience and background. She has a strong attention tdetail, work well independently as well as under pressure, truly have a need for organization, and am efficient in office administrative functions as well as prioritizing and managing schedules/responsibilities. Additionally, she is exceptionally thorough, learn quickly, and adapt well.


  • Work well independently, detail and business oriented, and quick learner
  • Extremely organized, and perform well when multi tasking in fast paced environments
  • Excellent interpersonal/written communication skills; enjoy problem solving and working with others
  • Computer Skills
  • Familiar with Windows XP and Windows Vista operating systems
  • Familiar with Microsoft Office applications, including thorough knowledge of Excel/Word ‘03/‘07
  • Typing: 55wpm with 98% accuracy; Data Entry: 19,680 ksh; 10-Key: 8,700 ksh/145 ksm


  • Accomplishments & Responsibilities: Acted as a liaison tState Flight Surgeon and Deputy State Surgeon. Managed office administrative functions, provider scheduling and front desk operations. Managed multiple projects and case management needs. Case managed medically and dentally non-deployable Soldiers, regularly contributed trecords management and general daily needs of Soldiers, and maintained a current HIPAA certification and NACI background clearance.
  • Classified Legal Specialist
  • Accomplishments & Responsibilities: Responsible for ongoing projects and advertisements with commercial accounts, achieving monthly sales goals, preparing all legal ads tspecific guidelines and with minimal errors, identifying and handling credit issues in sufficient time tmeet deadlines for requested ads. Effectively kept up with day tday operations; accountable for entire legal filing system and maintenance of all records tallow fast and easy retrieval.
  • Accomplishments & Responsibilities: Performed as a liaison for and reported directly tthe business owner. Managed multiple personnel and business projects, briefed personnel on newly implemented business procedures and software programs, and directed all office administrative functions. Performed as front desk manager and acting General Manager while handling all sales and coordination associated with special events. While performing multiple responsibilities, prioritized and accomplished all required tasks while working a daily eight hour shift restricted tthe hotel’s front desk. Reorganized business structure in order tbetter meet customer need and increase efficiency by designing a new and improved filing system along with necessary documents for business operation. Reorganized accounts receivable for easier navigation and collection on past due balances, and worked closely with accounts payable.
  • Accomplishments & Responsibilities: Responsible for managing and maintaining ongoing projects and advertisements with commercial accounts, achieving monthly sales goals, identifying and handling credit issues in sufficient time tmeet deadlines, ensuring advertisements were submitted with minimal errors, successfully keeping up with day tday operations while maintaining quality work and satisfied customers.
  • Accomplishments & Responsibilities: Performed as a liaison for and reported directly tthe business owner and direct general manager. Directed various projects along with office administrative functions, and contributed tthe upkeep of all prior facility procedures and documents as well as the creation and implementation of multiple new facility documents by restructuring and rewriting core personnel and customer documents tincrease business productivity. Facilitated a seamless changeover ta new filing structure by improving the record keeping system for faster retrieval and greater efficiency. Interviewed, reviewed, hired, trained, evaluated performance, and managed a personnel team of 17. Managed and maintained all customer accounts, contacted new and past customers as a regular practice tincrease sales, studied and learned all traits necessary tposses the technical skills for performing equipment maintenance, provided fitness instruction tfitness facility clients. Restructured employee schedules and inventory ordering procedures tincrease personnel efficiency and meeting customer demand.


  • Associate of Arts with concentration in Health Care Administration, with minor focuses in business management and accounting; Axia College of University of Phoenix; 3.65 GPA; Degree Pending – 100% complete
  • Technical: office assistant program with business and word processing, Alaska Job Corps, Alaska.

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