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Donn Uhrig

Expertise In: OB Gyn,Orthopedic,Podiatry,
Name : Donn Uhrig
Experience : 27
Specialty : OB Gyn,Orthopedic,Podiatry,
Location : Bradenton,FL
Description :

Donn Uhrig has 27 years experience in the field of medical billing and coding.


  • Completed coursework in Medical Terminology, Path physiology and Pharmacology, Basic ICD-9-CM Coding Parts 1 and 2, Basic CPT Coding Part 1, and Reimbursement Methodology.


  • Monitored drill crews for standard penetration test borings and provided soil / rock classification.
  • Recorded video of site events for forensic documentation.
  • Project Time & Cost, Inc. is a cost management firm providing cost engineering and forensic consulting services throughout the United States.  As a contract consultant, I assisted with sinkhole investigations and was available to provide industrial hygiene services on an as needed basis.
  • Monitored drill crews for standard penetration test borings, classified soils, and drafted soil profiles into Log Plot.
  • Monitored grouting procedures for stabilization of sinkholes.
  • Conducted over one thousand indoor air quality investigations in residential and commercial buildings. Required sampling and assessment of the indoor air and building surfaces for fungal, bacterial, radon, and chemical contamination.  Provided a report of findings detailing the remediation scope of work for the particular contamination discovered.
  • Monitored drill crews for standard penetration test borings and classified soils.
  • Presented EH&S training courses to salary and hourly personnel - requires course development and lecture.  Typical courses include:  Ergonomics General Awareness, Confined Space Entry, Hazard Communication, PPE, and Hazardous Waste Management (RCRA).
  • Developed evaluation parameters for and implemented campus wide Qualitative Risk Assessment – involves qualitative determination of potential occupational health risks (e.g. exposure to chemical and physical agents) associated with performance of industrial processes.
  • Conducted follow-up Quantitative Risk Assessment aided by Qualitative Risk Assessment results – includes exposure monitoring strategies, engineering control determination and personal protective equipment recommendations.
  • Maintained day-to-day industrial hygiene responsibilities independent of direct supervision (e.g. performed investigations of employee concerns ranging from indoor air quality to potential for exposure to toxic metal and composite dusts, welding / brazing fumes, metal working fluid mists, solvent vapors, inert and toxic gases and noise).  Communicated results to employees, supervisors and management.
  • Conducted over 300 building surveys for asbestos-containing material ranging from single-family homes to multi-story commercial buildings.  Determined the type, quantity and condition of asbestos-containing material for regulatory and deal making / breaking purposes.
  • Sampled surface and well water and waste water from municipalities.  Also sampled sediment and soil.
  • Performed some bench chemistry as needed (e.g. sample preparation and acid/base titrations).
  • Performed air monitoring on a variety of substances including asbestos, gases and vapors.
  • Supervised injection well project site.
  • Coordinated geophysical testing parameters of injection well.
  • Collected and classified litho logic samples during well drilling.
  • Supervised drill crew for standard penetration test borings.
  • Collected data for infield permeability and percolation tests.
  • Monitored grouting procedures for stabilization of sinkholes.


  • CCS (Certified Coding Specialist)

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