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Iris Palmer

Expertise In: Physical Therapy,
Name : Iris Palmer
Experience : 23
Specialty : Physical Therapy,
Location : NorthBangor,NY
Description :

Iris Palmer is seeking a position where she can apply the knowledge she has acquired in the medical field as a manager and biller for 23 years. She has vast experience and welcomes the opportunity to discuss personally, how her skills and strength will serve the organization goals.


  • Working knowledge of HP-1 and MG-2
  • Experience with CPT-4 and ICD-9 codes
  • Knowledge of tax returns and review of current tax law


  • Managed total collection process from developing claims through fund retrieval
  • Eliminated backlog of uncollected workers compensation and no fault payments
  • Position eliminated due to rapid collection of all outstanding funds
  • Managed office staff of four
  • Extensive knowledge of insurance regulations and policies
  • Oversaw collection on outstanding insurance payments
  • Liaison between patients, office, and insurance companies
  • Responsible for all office banking and billing
  • Handled all administrative matters
  • Extensive experience with ICD-9 and CPT-4 codes
  • Oversaw physical therapy aids and clerical staff
  • Handled all billing related functions and clerical work
  • Coordinated all patient scheduling
  • Reviewed and delegated patient referrals
  • Supervised group of clerical employees and tax controllers
  • Approved scheduling of all partners and staff appointments
  • Assembled instructional paperwork, corporate, and individual tax returns
  • Oversaw filing of all tax returns and review of current tax law


  • Extensive knowledge of online billing and insurance program
  • Proficient in billing and control program PTOS

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