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Angela Van Fossen

Expertise In: Durable Medical Equipment,
Name : Angela Van Fossen
Experience : 2
Specialty : Durable Medical Equipment,
Location : Venus,TX
Description :

Angela Van Fossen’s objectives are to provide quality work ethics in a professional manner along with organization, and communication skills.


  • Knowledge in Medical Terminology, Medical Billing and Coding using ICD-9 and CPT and Encoder Pro program


  • Meat Cook, Provide  planned meals along with following regulations required by the state, food preparation, organization.
  • Responsible for care of pts personal items with organization.                                                                          
  • Owner of State Licensed Day Care,  Daily Care for minor children, prepared meals, teaching.
  • Provide Customer Service, food preparer, cash handling experience, Computer Knowledge, placing orders. Gave knowledgeable information on food that was prepared, worked efficiently and well with others.
  • Assembly line work, and inspection of vehicles
  • Assembled military explosives for the government.
  • Required to work in a safe manner, and had to meet quotas.


  • Medical Billing and Coding Hill College
  • 4.80 CEUS Medical Terminology
  • Additional 24 hours of Medical Terminology
  • Certificate of completion of CMS form 1500
  • 2 CEUS Parents and Children Certification
  • .9 CEUS Family Daycare Certification
  • 0.4 CEUS Infant/Toddler Certificate
  • 2.0 CEUS Family Daycare Licensing

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