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Kristin Faraone - Trexler

Expertise In: Gastroenterology,
Name : Kristin Faraone - Trexler
Experience : 19
Specialty : Gastroenterology,
Location : Bristol,RI
Description :

Kristin Faraone - Trexler  is a Proactive hands-on style, extensive team leadership and personadevelopment skills. Excellent customer service and client relation standards. Superior communication and interpersonaskills. Successfuability to greatly increase accounts receivables and decrease inventories. Outstanding quality account manager, results and detaioriented. Strong analyticaand root cause analysis skills.


  • Staffing management ability
  • Proven patience and self-discipline
  • Motivation techniques specialist
  • Confident public speaker
  • Conflict resolution
  • Personaand professionaintegrity
  • Financiaaptitude
  • Relationship and team building
  • Account reconciliations
  • Physician billing
  • QuickBooks
  • Claims appeaprocedures
  • Insurance processing
  • HCFA Common Procedure Coding Systems (HCPCS)
  • Healthcare billing proficiency
  • Strong medicaethic
  • Problem resolution ability
  • Healthcare billing proficiency
  • Strong medicaethic
  • Problem resolution ability
  • Supervision and training
  • Sound decision making
  • Staff training and development
  • In-depth claims knowledge
  • Effectively influences others
  • Claims analysis and review specialist
  • Culturaawareness and sensitivity
  • Criticathinking proficiency
  • Team liaison
  • Attention to detail
  • Legaresearch
  • HIPAA compliance
  • InternationaClassification of Diseases (ICD.9CM)
  • Medicabilauditing
  • Online claim submission
  • Medicaterminology
  • UB-92 billing forms
  • Medicacoding capability
  • Operations management
  • Staff development
  • Inventory control
  • Change management
  • Policy/program development
  • Computer-savvy
  • Sound judgment
  • Complex problem solving
  • Calm under pressure Cross-functionateam management
  • Staff training


ClinicaDocumentation Specialist

  • Reviewed medicarecords for inpatient units
  • Queried physicians regarding billing vs documentation
  • Audit billing reports for finance department
  • Introduced the clinicadocumentation process to alphysicians
  • Follow through on alqueries for appropriateness
  • Extensive communication with alproviders
  • Hold monthly physician meetings to go over billing and documentation education
  • Rounded in patient units with physicians
  • Reduced and controlled expenses
  • Reconciled monthly billing for physicians

Patient FinanciaServices Manager / Contracting & FinanciaAnalyst

  • Manage overaloperations for a large radiology group six free standing sites and three hospitals
  • Assisted in bringing up a new site developing database and alpolicies and procedures for the new location
  • Responsible for scheduling, coding, billing and authorization departments
  • Maintained compliance in such areas as OSHA, HIPPA, Coding, & medicarecords
  • Successfully negotiated contracts with insurance companies
  • Maintained fee schedules
  • Performed root cause analysis of reimbursement trends
  • Worked with IT systems to enhance and test new software for billing department

Supervisor Claims Operations

  • Off-shored claims processing to associate team members in India
  • Responsible for management of an overseas team and also locateam
  • Review and manage team production and quality statistics to maintain compliance of Service LeveAgreements
  • Established and monitored production goals for claims entry
  • Managed staffing needs, system enhancements, and manuaprocesses
  • Provided guidance and direction to Team Leads who were responsible to oversee daily workloads for inventory
  • reduction
  • Continuous implementation of redesign and workflow within the claims department
  • Train coach and develop staff
  • Act as a liaison between other teams/departments
  • HIPPA Captain
  • Set standards and review of production and quality control
  • Appointed to Gold Team - Job progression project

RegionaBilling Manager

  • Managed billing and accounts receivables for five regions with fifteen clinics
  • Significantly decreased dates of service outstanding and increased collections
  • Adept at training and managing employees across numerous regions
  • Implemented department standards and procedures for payment posting, charge entry, and collections
  • Responsible for department budget, staffing, accounts payable, and payroll
  • Received "A Team" leadership award
  • Promoted to Manager five months from DOH

MedicaBilling Consultant

  • Traveled throughout New England consulting for hospitals and physician offices
  • Bad debt reviews
  • Interim management during reorganizations
  • Assisted in converting and implementing hospitabilling systems and software
  • Reviewed CPT and ICD9 coding
  • Billed and collected for Medicare, Medicaid, CommerciaInsurances, Workers Compensation, HMO's, MVA's
  • Left position due to pregnancy and the frequency of traveling
  • Trained staff

Billing Coordinator

  • Responsible for billing teams
  • Coordinated billing and collection projects for the department
  • Trained staff
  • Approved accounts for outside collections
  • Implemented billing software
  • Promoted to Coordinator six months for DOH


  • Responsible for incoming and outgoing debtor calls
  • Devised payment plans
  • Performed asset research
  • Prepared accounts for legacollections action

MedicaInsurance Claims Specialist

  • Institutionaand professionabilling
  • Appealed claims for bad debt
  • Awarded two weekend trips for highest collections

ClinicaDocumentation Boot Camp

American Academy of ProfessionaCoders
CPT & ICD Coding


Business Management
Associate of Science

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