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Naomi Salomon

Expertise In: Chiropractic,
Name : Naomi Salomon
Experience : 4
Specialty : Chiropractic,
Location : ForestHills,NY
Description :

Naomi Salomon wishes to acquire a position using her administrative skills relating to medical billing and coding.

SKILLS: Keyboarding at 90 wpm; skilled in Microsoft Office applications, Internet and E-mail.


  • Assist students with resume preparation
  • Speak at Student Orientation to inform them about our services
  • Obtain internships for students
  • Hostess for Career Fair 2011
  • Handle incoming/outgoing calls for the department
  • File and fax documents to students and various companies
  • Create school advertising opportunities for students
  • Organize and send out mailings to students and companies regarding internships
  • Arrange board meetings, took the minutes
  • Provided customer service on register and sales floor
  •  Replenished floor stock when needed
  • Rang up customers with purchases and returns/exchanges
  • Provided genuine customer service to new and existing customers
  • Assisted customers select newly released movies and games
  • Responsible for store upkeep
  • Responsible for all incoming and outgoing calls to patients and insurance companies
  • Made appointments for patients daily
  • Maintained files for the office, organized insurance information and filed charts for all patients

Major: Administrative Assistant for Billing and Coding.
Electronic Health Records Certification
A.O.S. Degree – Administrative Assistant for Medical Billing and Coding

LaGuardia Community College
Major: Liberal Arts.
College of Criminal Justice
Major: Liberal Arts.

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