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Candice Williams

Expertise In: Optometry,
Name : Candice Williams
Experience : 10
Specialty : Optometry,
Location : Jacksonville,FL
Description :

Candice Williams wishes to obtain a great career and position with a rewarding organization /company that will utilize her mortgage, collections, billing, accounts reconciliation, customer support and client service skills in a team environment that will provide continuous challenges with opportunity for growth and advancement.


  • Proven performer with high marks for quality in production, collections, provider/customer support and client servicing.
  • Strong professional attitude and work ethic
  • Self motivated
  • Quick learner
  • Enjoys meeting challenges
  • Strong Analytical, organizational and presentation skills
  • Eight years of health care insurance experience with medical coding, billing, accounts reconciliation, accounts payable field
  • Works well without supervision, takes direction, and accepts feedback
  • Team player with adaptability and willingness to accept change
  • Ability to prioritize and remain focused in the essence of an issue
  • Excellent with customer /employee support services
  • Ability to accurately enter patient demographic, charge information and correct edits for commercial payor information.
  • Skilled at learning new concepts quickly while working well under pressure
  • Strong problem solving skills and able to quickly identify problem trends by payors that will impact A/R
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Trustworthy and dependable and maintains privacy to access confidential patient/customer information
  • Knowledge of medical terminology, anatomy, ICD-9,HCPCS, coding guidelines,10 key, data entry, MSP, Microsoft word, excel, PowerPoint, outlook express, all purpose forms, IDX, all scripts, Med data, HPF,Medifax,Epic, HBO star, Code correct, AS400, Availity, Florida Medicaid management, MSP/Fidelity to software, stand office equipment.


  • Charge follow-up coordinator/Accounts receivable
  • Input patient demographic information utilizing registration in the automated billing system
  • Assure appropriate CPT and ICD-9 codes are utilized for each patient encounter
  • Identify payer source and code appropriately
  • Contact commercial insurance companies on a daily basis to ascertain the status of unpaid claims and identify additional information necessary to process payments
  • Document notes in payment system regarding patient inquiries, conversations with insurances companies, clinic etc. on the status of claims payments.
  • Re file claims to commercial carriers when needed
  • Complete correspondence request through interaction with payers, patients and/or clinics to provide needed information for claims payment.
  • Identify payer issues and work with ream leader to resolve identified problems with claims payments
  • Assist customer service representative as needed in answering telephone calls from patients and their representatives to address issues with outstanding claims and patient balances.
  • Inform team leader on the status of work and alert of backlogs or issues requiring immediate attention
  • Identify trends in A/R by payer as well as turnaround times by payment source
  • Perform special projects as assigned by team leader
  • Trained new hires
  • Liaison for departmental functions, meetings and birthdays
  • Service Advocate II /PCC Blue Card call center
  • Provided customer service to physicians and provider representatives with claims inquiries, billing and payment issues and answered routine benefit questions
  • Processed and keyed low risk claims using the contract benefit
  • Sent claims to the appropriate area for pricing/billing
  • Requested additional information from the member or provider if necessary to process claims
  • Identified and implemented process improvement opportunities
  • Membership and Billing Analyst /New enrollment
  • Enrolled small group members and processed all data for new enrollment, including direct contact with members and/or group agent
  • Researched and resolved discrepancy on all renewals invoices
  • Evaluated and monitored other associates work by checking for data clerical and enrollment errors and gave them feedback
  • Reconcile and apply money to new group accounts
  • Transportation billing special /Accounts Receivable
  • Processed and submitted billed invoices to contracted transportation providers for injured workers compensation patients.
  • Verified and entered all patient demographic information
  • Reviewed all invoices for the correct billing with the state fee schedules and guidelines and would reconcile invoices based off of prior authorization.
  • Gathered all information required to process all referrals for quotes
  • Obtained future transportation authorization from the workers compensation claims Adjuster, case manager in order to schedule transportation for patient medical appointments
  • Assisted inquiring customers on Mortgages, auto and personal loan applications via telephone or person to person contact
  • Suggested loan products by traveling to potential neighborhoods and shopping malls to advertise or promote loan products.
  • Input mortgage data into the MSP/Fidelity Software system to originate loans
  • Determined the customer’s credit worthiness by viewing past due debt, collections, current outstanding debt, tax returns, credit reports and payroll stubs
  • Reviewed open loan accounts for approval or denial for possible line of credit increases per the customer’s request.
  • Responsible for collections, follow up, all payment loan obligation and demand payment default letters
  • Managed all pre-sale foreclosures of subprime, FHA,VA and Conventional loans
  • Managed time sensitive mortgage loans ensuring all exceptions in the foreclosure process were met to mitigate loss
  • Ensured that foreclosure attorney processed all foreclosures in a timely manner
  • Made house calls on bad debts and default loans in attempt to collect past due debts.
  • Prepared all necessary paperwork and default payments to submit to attorney
  • Required to update corporate office daily of daily operations such as collection and budgeted rates

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