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Betsy Robinson

Name : Betsy Robinson
Experience :
Specialty : Dermatology,Mental Health,Rheumatology,Internal Medicine,Family Practice,Chiropractic,Physical Therapy,
Location : Lawrenceville,GA
Description :

Betsy Robinson has been an assest to all doctor and hospital practices she has worked for,

some of the functions that she has been performing are as follows:  

  1. Verified insurance eligibility and followed up on insurance payments.
  2. Review and respond to correspondence received from payers.
  3. Contact insurance companies to obtain reason for denials.
  4. Review, adjust and maintain current A/R at an acceptable percent.
  5. Post payments from Medicare, Medicaid and Commercial insurance companies.
  6. Review EOBs to ensure correct payments and adjust accounts to reflect patients’ responsibility.
  7. Setup billing systems and EMR system
  8. Write request for appeals and mail collection letters to patients.
  9. Call insurance companies on outstanding claims.
  10. Monitor insurance contracts (in network/out of network processing).
  11. Negotiate pricing with insurance companies when necessary.
  12. Bill and coded Super Bills in an accurate and timely manner
  13. Post payments from Medicare, Medicaid and Commercial insurance companies.
  14. Write appeal letters and mailed collection letters.
  15. Filed paper claims with SOAP notes necessary.
  16. Responded to questions from patients regarding statements.
  17. Filed paper claims with SOAP notes, when necessary.
  18. Assisted with obtaining benefits, referrals and authorizations.

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