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Cenith J. Byrd

Expertise In: Oncology,
Name : Cenith J. Byrd
Experience : 10
Specialty : Oncology,
Location : Riverdale,MD
Description :

Cenith JByrd wishes to secure a permanent Medical Billing and Coding Specialist position with the opportunity to utilize my administrative expertise with an organization that I can contribute to the efficient operation of; with a practice that offers professional growthAn ideal position, will cultivate my classroom knowledge into hands on work experienceWith the objective of improving operating performance and rofitability while providing quality service.


  • Experienced with the MYSIS System
  • Current Procedural Terminology and ICD-9CM & ICD-10CM Coding
  • Medisoft
  • Medical Billing
  • Claims Processing
  • MYSIS System
  • Medical Manager
  • Medical Terminology


  • answer the telephones and handle questions that do not require a pharmacist's expertise or judgment.
  • obtain new prescriptions from doctors and patients.
  • Record information needed before the prescription can be dispensed, PDX System.
  • store written prescriptions after they have been dispensed.
  • schedule patient appointments including immunizations and
  • Comprehensive Medication Reviews (CMRs).
  • assist and resolve insurance problems.
  • assist retail sites with compliance assistance including return and recalls.
  • act as a resource for retail pharmacy teams providing knowledge or Specialty Care, Medication Therapy Management, and Diabetes Care Information.
  • Welcomed Patients and visitors in person and on the phoneScheduled appointments.
  • Cross trained to provide front and back office administrative and medical support.
  • Ensured patient jackets were complete with all necessary documentation and information prior to filing.
  • Counseled patients by anticipating anxieties and answering patient concerns.
  • Assisted physician with all medical procedures.
  • Scrub Technician, responsible for the sterilization of all medical equipment and running the autoclave machine.
  • Obtained revenue by recording and updating financial information; recorded and collected patient charges.
  • Maintained the business office inventory and equipment by checking stock to determine inventory level; anticipated needed supplies; placing and expediting orders/supplies.
  • assisted patients in distress by responding to emergencies.
  • adhered to all HIPAA regulations and the protection of the PHI.
  • Greeted Patients-Answered Phones-Scheduled Patients.
  • Ensured accurate and thorough documentation and completion of all necessary paperwork.
  • Provided and collected all necessary HIPAA documentation from patients.
  • Followed all HIPAA compliance, privacy and confidentiality standards accurately.
  • Kept patients, technologist and/or managers informed with regard to patient flow.
  • Performed professionally in difficult patient/referring physician situations.
  • Collected co and self pays.
  • Performed settlement at the close of business.
  • Handled all credit, debit, and check and cash transactions.
  • Experienced with the MYSIS System.


  • Nationally Certified Medical Billing & Coding Specialist, Certified
  • by the NCCT
  • Certified Medical Billing and Coding
  • Specialist

Certificates of Completion

  • Introduction to Medical Billing
  • Computerized Medical Billing & Advanced Medical Billing

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