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Suzanne Radice

Name : Suzanne Radice
Experience : 7
Specialty : Emergency Medicine Billing,
Location : Venice,FL
Description :

Suzanne Radice is an Administrative Assistant in the Medical Industry for many years, she has extensive experience and in depth knowledge of billing proceduresShe has exceptional communication skills, both verbally and written, as it pertains tmedical terminology.


  • Posted insurance Explanation of Benefits for 3 Imaging Practices
  • Baltimore Suburban Health
  • Advanced Imaging, Port Charlotte
  • Crystal Clear Imaging, Ohio
  • Posted and balanced accounts for each practice
  • Always in balance and faster than expected.
  • Accounts Manager for Primary Physician (Internal Medicine) and Podiatry
  • Responsible for demographics with verification of insurance
  • Posting charges and payments
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Maintenance of ECF rejections and reprocessing of claims
  • Responsible for the answering of patient queries, complaints, and insurance calls.
  • Completed the Legal case requests from Adjustors and Attorneys
  • Transmitted pertinent files/documents through a Secure Messaging system regarding PIP claim.
  • Processed documentation from Providers regarding Claimant's medical profile for Arbitration.
  • Moved tNew Jersey tbe a caregiver for ill mother.
  • Administered medications, met specific diet requirements
  • Supported daily exercise for strength and endurance tperform personal tasks
  • Handled financials, shopping, cleaning, and transportation
  • Verified insurance for all clinical/surgery patients
  • Verification of Patient's financial obligations
  • Set up daily deposits
  • Posted payments from Insurance (EOB) and Patient payments
  • Completed patient profiles for verification and benefits
  • Reviewed and initiated collections

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