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Harvey Brogan

Name : Harvey Brogan
Experience : 25
Specialty : Dermatology,Optometry,Family Practice,Cardiology,Chiropractic,OB Gyn,Oncology,Radiology,Durable Medical Equipment,
Location : YuccaValley,CA
Description :

Harvey Brogan wishes to integrate his strong communication and leadership skills in a management position where both formulate policy and direct its implementation. Promote a cooperative work atmosphere internally while stimulating a drive for excellence necessary to compete externally. Work in an exciting environment where learning and team approach is encouraged.


  • Responsibilities include but not limited to; assisting business owners with writing office policy and procedure manuals, employee handbooks while implementing its content. Conduct employee evaluations, perform new hire interviews, and coordinate contracts between the physician and the perspective insurance companies. Specialty medical practices include Durable Medical Equipment, Oncology, Hematology, Radiology, Cardiology, Dermatology, Chiropractic, Urgent Care, OB/GYN, Family Practice, Optometry and Orthopedics. Oversee computer conversions both manual and software download. Perform insurance billing and collection tasks, front office receptionist duties while facilitating entire staff training sessions on an ongoing basis. Prepare bank deposits, verify insurance benefits on all new patient clientele and communicate to them of their financial responsibility with that given office, post incoming payments from all insurances and perform appropriate adjustments to patient accounts. Update fee schedules, and communicate to the physician or department heads the profit and loss statements on a monthly basis. Continual strive for creating excellence within a productive, educated work environment, while contributing to the success of all organizations involved.
  • Instructor of the Medical Insurance Billing and Front Office Administration  Course, Medical Terminology Course, Medical Management and the Medical Transcription Courses. The initial assigned responsibility of this position was to create and implement the entire curriculum, to be equivalent to 720 hours of class lecture time. This curriculum is complete with workbooks, billing, collection and front office exercises, handouts, tests, definitions, and final exam. The completed workbooks pertaining to the  Medical Management and Insurance Billing Course covered areas such as insurance information, assignment of benefits, verification of insurance coverage, super-bills, HCFA-1500 claim forms, UB-92 claim forms, electronic claims submission, claims processing, claims adjudication, aging reports,
  • day sheet reports, month end balancing reports, medical records, ICD-9 Coding HCSPCS Coding, and CPT Coding instructions. The ongoing responsibility of this position consists of introducing each student to all functionality of the Medi-Soft billing software while testing each individual on their acquired knowledge of that software from an insurance billing prospective. Students are evaluated weekly while assisting them with job placement upon successfully completion of this course. Each student is presented with letters of recommendation according to their  strength of completion. Post graduation letters of accomplishment for each graduate is submitted to the Director of the center as part of my final synopsis of the graduating class.
  • Served as client representative and project manager for the financial module of the computer system representing The Betty Ford Center, Sundown M  Ranch and several chemical dependency facilities nationwide. Oversaw the 21-month conversion from DOS to Windows for Y2K compliance. These responsibilities included, requirements gathering, design, testing, installation and training of the financial modules for all clients of the MSJ Communication Corporation.
  • Responsible for managing all aspects of accounts receivable for 9 Home Healthcare branch locations, a combined revenue of $15.5 million and a  staff of 16. First hand interaction with the entire staff creating improved communication skills. Provided written job descriptions, implemented policy and procedure for reimbursement practices and oversaw its success. Consistently achieved goals in areas of government compliance, hold and suspense billing, building revenue, cash collections, account submissions and maintained a DSO of 55 or below. Conducted
  • training to branch managers, customer service personnel, and delivery technicians on in-depth knowledge of complete, accurate, order entry and  delivery processes. Facilitated procedures for ongoing success with revenue building techniques and streamlining collections.
  • Managed all aspects of accounts receivable, accounts payable and a staff of 28. Coordinated interaction with outside agencies obtaining timely reimbursement. Provided ongoing education and facilitated training with the goal of streamlining accurate productivity. Consistently achieved goals set by corporate and region on a monthly and quarterly basis in areas of government compliance, hold and suspense billing, building revenue, cash collections, account submissions and maintained a DSO of 55 or below. Successfully oversaw the merger of the Abbey and Homedco Concord branches. Oversaw the success of Medicare conversion deadlines, written policies, and system updates pertaining to the Durable Medical Equipment Contract with DMERC.
  • Coordinated and supervised patient accounts for a three physician Oncology/Hematology Practice. Expedited billings and collections on an average of 2000 patient accounts per month. Served as collector of accounts over 90 days aged. Effectively verified patient insurance benefits and counseled patients on office policy and procedures. Served as system manager with the responsibilities of staff training, software updates, and downtime problem resolution. Processed and submitted to the physician partnership all daily, monthly, and yearly reports in a timely manner.
  • Responsible for trouble shooting a myriad of accounts receivable tasks for bay area hospitals and physician offices. Served occasionally as manager and supervisor of reimbursement for Hematology, Radiology, Infectious Disease, Cardiology, and Spinal Cord Injury practices. Successfully expedited an average of 2500 accurately coded claims per month. Responsible for account adjustments of numerous hospital package plans, office billings, and extensive computer upgrades. Implemented updates to office reorganization and back to basics' staff training. Successfully facilitated the flow of billing and  collections by working closely with office managers, billing staff, insurance carriers, and other internal departments.


State of California Certification Instructor of:

  • Medical Management, Front Office Administration, Medical Billing, Medical Transcription, and Medical Terminology

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