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Expertise In: Family Practice,
Experience : 2
Specialty : Family Practice,
Location : Fayetteville,NC
Description :

DENISE M. BODDEN wishes to obtain a professional position that offers the opportunity to utilize her 20+ years of knowledge, skills, and experience as a Medical Billing Specialist and Patient Account Representative


  • Siemens Pharmacy Software….. Pysis Connect……Microsoft Word… Medical Manager… Picis Medical Systems Manager… EMR Electronic Medical Records… Allegiance Medical Billing software…
  • Surgery Server Software… Signature Gold Software… IDX Systems… ICD9/CPT4 Coding… Health Quest…
  • Eagle TPX Software (Charge posting of debits, credits, adjustments and inquiries)…
  • Eagle Gold (Inpatient and Emergency Room Registration)


Pharmacy Technician, Inpatient Pharmacy

  • Assisting the pharmacist with unit dose drug distribution
  • controlled substance processing, record keeping
  • Distribution, intravenous admixture preparation
  • Distribution, non-intravenous preparation and distribution
  • Floor stock processing
  • Distribution ambulatory prescription processing
  • Computer order entry system responsibilities.
  • Compounding of medications

Commercial Medical Biller

  • Pull off all remits for BCBS, Aetna, Cigna, Tricare and Medicaid.
  • A folder of mailed remits given weekly to post payments
  • Post all payment and work denials for all offices
  • Keep a spreadsheet of all payments that are given and pulled and posted
  • Work secondary claims,
  • Keep up with over payments and come to management regarding all refunds and write offs
  • Work aging report
  • Keep track of recoupment’s
  • Work all commercial and government errors
  • Work rejection report
  • Work denials and follow up with insurance company on none payment claims
  • Writes appeals for denied claims

Patient Account Representative

  • Perform patient billing and account management utilizing Medical Manager billing software; enter payments, adjustments, refunds and credits. Review all batches received for completeness and accuracy prior to posting payments. Distribute payments to accounts per patient request when available. Provide accurate posting of insurance payments according to Explanation of Benefits (EOB)s, calculate contractual allowances.
  • Verify patient demographics, payment amount, reference numbers, pay code and contractual allowances. Identify duplicate payments, overpayment, and misdirected payments and prepare refunds and credits accordingly; Pend and forward unidentifiable payments to Audit Specialists for investigation. Foster team cohesiveness to ensure timely completion of department responsibilities and goals.

Payment Posting Specialist

  • Entered payments, adjustments, refunds and credits into IDX (healthcare management software); processed over 400 transactions on a daily basis. Reviewed batches received daily for completion and accuracy prior to posting payments. Posted payments according to patient’s instructions via Chase on-line/or Chase CD; entered insurance payments according to EOBs and calculated contractual allowances; verified patient information and payment codes, amounts, and postings.
  • Identified duplicate payments, overpayments, and misdirected payments. Reviewed and processed Medicare Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) assigned for that day to include loading, load edits, manual, interests and offsets payments. Prepared and printed all reports for EDI processing.

Audit & Control Specialist

  • Resolved credit balances in a timely and accurate manner; ensured all charge corrections were processed and credit balances were resolved in a timely manner. Investigated and resolved patient account discrepancies as needed in accordance with Departmental Adjustments Policy and Procedure.
  • Communicated with insurance carriers to determine the necessary information to secure payment; recommend posting to unmatched and miscellaneous accounts for follow-up after month end closing. Processed all voided refunds and assisted with various special projects and account audits.

Patient Registrar Clerk – Admitting and Emergency Departments (Part-time)

  • Provided outstanding customer service and care while collecting accurate detailed demographic, financial, and clinical information in order to perform admissions and registrations for the Admitting and Emergency Departments; converted Ambulatory and Emergency admissions to Inpatient admissions; obtained pre-certification and authorization for patients to ensure payments from a third party payer.

Data Entry & Billing Clerk

  • Keyed and verified appropriate alphabetical and numeric data in accordance with established procedure codes; ensured the accuracy and confidentiality of patient information. Rejected source document when information inaccurate; maintained current personal data entry documentation file; posted charges for surgical cases and supplies utilizing Surgery Server Software, TPX Eagle Software and Picis (Medical Systems Manager) Software.
  • Processed charge corrections for any discrepancies with credits and debits as well as adjustments of charges posted for both inpatients and outpatients.


  • Major: Pharmacy Technician,
    Certified Care Clinic, 200 hours

    Coursework/Clinical Experience: Assisting the pharmacist with unit dose drug distribution, controlled substance processing, record keeping, distribution, intravenous admixture preparation and distribution, non-intravenous preparation and distribution, floor stock processing and distribution, ambulatory prescription processing, and computer order entry system responsibilities.
  • Medical Billing: Specialized in ICD9-CM and CPT Coding with Appropriate Reimbursement and Coding Compliance
  • A.S. Associate’s Degree in Computer Science; Emphasis in Computerized Billing

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