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William M Gordy

Expertise In: Optometry,
Name : William M Gordy
Experience : 12
Specialty : Optometry,
Location : Durham,NC
Description :

William M Gordy is a Former Marine Corps Officer, with thirty years of leadership experience. Served in command and staff assignments and at the US Army Logistics Management College. Currently seeking Leadership position in private sector, offering stability, and possible career growth potential.


  • Good management skills
  • Good communications skills
  • Good customer service and leadership skills


  • Office Manager, Ophthalmology
  • Accomplishments - increased efficiency in the front office by scheduling more to the office’s capacity and setting up a system of ensuring that all of the appropriate information is properly gathered to reduce billing requirements and create cleaner claims to minimize the payment times reducing accounts receivable by 60% over the first 4 months..
  • Associate
  • Accomplishments - increased efficiency at the front line supervisor and superintendent levels in two Nuclear Power projects. Worked with supervisors in the Mechanical, Electrical, and I&C Maintenance areas to encourage them to identify actual to estimated times on maintenance jobs, identify barriers to job completion, and setting up plans for overcoming obstacles to performance.
  • Accomplishments – Worked as a project lead to implement the change to Electronic Medical Records for several medical practices within the group. Coordinated with the Practice Managers, Computer Technicians, Electrical support and training personnel to ensure a smooth transition.
  • Customer Service- increased efficiency at the front desk to provide a family atmosphere and friendly face for the patients to identify with. Provided customer service at check-in performing all scheduling of patients and filing all insurance claims.
  • Leadership - by example is a hallmark. Took the time and effort to learn what was required of a management position in a medical practice and implemented those lessons to improve the efficiency of the practice
  • Operations Management - assumed responsibility over insurance billing drastically reducing accounts receivables. Learned all aspects of insurance billing on the job through research and seeking out advise from knowledgeable persons throughout the ophthalmic and insurance communities. Increased profits by combining positions and streamlining office operations.
  • Customer Service upgraded level of service to the customer in all areas of operations at two locations concurrently. Guided two units in urgent need of turnover and made the necessary personnel decisions to bring the units back to healthy, viable states of operation.
  • Leadership communicated restaurant goals to employees, and with minimal supervision motivated the crew to clean up the store and totally change the customer perception of this unit.  Motivated, challenged, and disciplined the crew to orchestrate a tremendous change in attitude over a very short time frame.
  • Operations Management gained control of billing and ensured that all vendors were paid.  Took a strong approach in evaluating the repair and maintenance needs of the unit and raised the unit’s equipment to company standards. Accomplished the turn-around of unit that was losing money with $715k in sales, increasing sales to $1.1M in two years making it one of the top producers in the district.
  • Customer Service implemented high standards of product quality and speed of service while consistently monitoring performance against those standards. Increased restaurant scores in all areas of customer service in all six facilities employed.
  • Leadership communicated restaurant goals had a motivating vision, and linked individual performance to achieving restaurant goals.  Motivated, evaluated, and disciplined, crew and developed potential leaders within the store.
  • Operations Management ensured facilities were maintained to company standards, analyzed sales, labor, inventory, and controllable to meet or exceed margin and growth targets. Involved in three successful turnaround units in four years.
  • Supervised selection of all frozen product from the freezer section of the warehouse. Managed the loading of all product from the cooler docks on trucks for delivery to various points of distribution.
  • Trained all new personnel in equipment operation, job definition, and all phases of warehousing as it pertained to their job functions.
  • Leadership through own initiative evaluated the job as it was being performed and looked for ways to increase productivity and accuracy.  Through motivation and instilling an increased sense of personal pride in their jobs he lead the selectors to increase productivity by 23%. By evaluating product location and pick errors he was able to decrease their error selection rate by 62%.
  • Logistics Liaison Officer, Quantico VA.supported JCS computer generated logistics exercise. Developed and implemented logistics database using Lotus, Enable, and MultiMate.
  • S-4 Logistics Officer, Camp Lejeune, NC.coordinated all logistics requirements in support of division headquarters battalion. Supervised a staff of 15. Managed acquisition, storage, and distribution of materials, personnel, and other assets. Developed battalion logistics plans and SOP’s. Supervised the operation of two separate dining facilities, including the Marine Corps only fast food facility, feeding over 500 troops daily.
  • Logistics Instructor, US Army Logistics Management College, Fort Lee, VA. Developed and taught lesson plans for training of inventory managers at the National Inventory Control Points throughout the US.  Responsible for coordinating annual trip to instruct students in US force logistics capabilities at the Canadian Logistics School in Base Borden, Canada.


  • MS Logistics Management                          
  • BA Physical Education

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