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Julia Kohutiak

Expertise In: Behavioral Health,
Name : Julia Kohutiak
Experience : 39
Specialty : Behavioral Health,
Location : Hannibal,NY
Description :

Julia Kohutiak is a health care expert with over 39 years of industry experience. She has been executive administrator of hundred million dollar corporations and has developed instruction on regulatory compliance for hospitals and out-patient departments. As a regulatory compliance consultant, her services have been used by corporations, as well as, for FBI investigations for RAC, C.E.R.T. audits and many others. She also has been administrator of home health agencies, and has been privately consulted for many lawsuits. Currently, she is developing mobile content for the consumers and professionals aimed at facilitating compliance in the health care industry, specifically focused on federal and state laws in the behavioral health and substance abuse arenas for Managed Care and CMS entities.


  • Behavioral Health/Substance Abuse Program Start-up, Consultation and Continuing Program Management
  • Compliance Audit/Quality Assistance
  • Administrator of Home Health Agencies
  • Developing and designing behavioral healthcare educational materials
  • Author, graphic designer and publisher of "Your Medicine", workbooks and instructor's guides
  • FBI/OIG investigations
  • Parity Law expert
  • Evaluating, providing analysis, training and education, regulatory and compliance responsibilities, which included all areas for JCAHO/CARF accreditation: risk, regulatory quality and patient safety management
  • Hedge Fund Consultant
  • Providing leadership skills
  • Presentation skills and mastery of information to the board of directors
  • Legal Nurse Consultant
  • RN Advocate
  • Solid understanding of the healthcare environment
  • Strong financial management skills, advanced business acumen
  • Advanced negotiation and conflict resolution skills
  • Exceptional organizational and project management skills
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills, including formal, senior level presentations
  • Proven ability to deal with executives at all levels
  • Phone triage expert
  • CDC trained

Managed Care liaison and reviewer for all levels of care in behavioral health/substance abuse, overturning audits and millions in claims issues, medical liaison to behavioral health in-patient/out pt status, crisis intervention, all ages


  • Serving as CEO to her own consulting business, specialty: Behavioral Health/Substance Abuse


  • Served as Clinical Director in their Behavioral Health CMHC

Nurse Manager

  • Supervisor/Infection Control/Employee Health Nurse   
  • Home Health Nurse
  • Head Nurse, Behavioral Health
  • Forensic Team Leader
  • Charge Nurse, Behavioral Health
  • Nurse, Operating Room


  • Nursing

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